Ahem...would like to make a small announcement here, in case you guys wondering about my disappearance for the next few days... or month? *Gasp*

As you can see the logo here, this is actually taken from Nanowrimo. And you guess it, I will be participating this year! That means I will be typing away furiously for the whole of November, therefore book reviews will have to wait, but that doesn't mean I won't be reading any books! I will most probably jot down my thoughts after reading so that I will post it once I have some time to spare. My apologies.

Another thing is, my daughter is attending childcare, starting tomorrow! That is also another reason why I will delay with the book reviews, since I will be accompany her at the childcare till Friday! Not even sure if I have the time to logon in the first place! Nevertheless, keep checking at this blog! I will have lots of catching up to do then...
Folks, this is definitely not your usual romance suspense thriller. It's darker, more intense, more exciting...and simply make you want to flip the pages faster. This reminds me a little like her other book Nightfall. Gosh, I enjoyed Nightfall so much and it's one of my favourite Anne Stuart's books, besides Black Ice that is.

Annie Sutherland intends to find the answer that cause her father's death. She doesn't believe that her father falls off the stairs and broke his neck, no, she believes it was something more sinister, something like murder...

She has no one to turn to except James McKinley. Before her father's death, he told her James will be the person to look for if she encounters any problem. James is her father's most trusted man. But James doesn't appear as what he is, for all she knows, he can be a killer, and yet this terrified and intrigued Annie at the same time.

Annie is a typical father's girl, for he molded her to be what he wants to be: docile, elegant and ladylike. He even goes to the extent of picking a husband for her. Until his death, she never realizes this until she meets James, again.

James, on the other hand is trying to keep himself alive. He isn't pleased to find Annie appearing at his doorstep one day, pleading answers from him. He just wants to kill her, to make things easier for both of them, but he simply couldn't do it. He has watched her grow from a child of seven to a woman of twenty seven... and she has a way of getting under his skin.

Next, they are on the run to uncover the conspiracy around her father's murder. And towards the end of the book, the tension heightens and hear this...there is even a twist in it! Although I can say I enjoyed this book, but I would think I prefer Nightfall more.

Still, Anne Stuart's writing style amazes me! I simply love her books! I'm still waiting for her next new release Cold As Ice to hit the shelves here, and I'm getting very impatient.
I enjoyed this book so much that I feel like shouting "Encore! Encore!"

Tessa Novak is an investigative reporter in Denver. She stops for coffee at a gas station one day and witnesses a murder of a teenage girl right before her eyes. She then spots a mysterious man in a black leather jacket lurking near the crime scene and is sure he has to do something with the murder... Stunned but determined, she reports the crime on the papers, hoping to get to the bottom of the investigation.

Julian Darcangelo is an undercover FBI agent working with the Denver police. He has trailed Burien, the master of crime for ages; and this time he doesn't want any distractions to cross his path. He isn't too pleased with Tessa whom she misunderstood him as the killer, and to avoid getting his cover blown he wants her off the investigation. But still, he couldn't resist their attractions they have for each other...

I find Hard Evidence an intriguing romance suspense that is able to hook you right from the beginning. While reading this book, I didn't realize there is a first book before this and the title is Extreme Exposure (funnily I have it in my TBR pile. And please don't ask me why I didn't read this earlier.)

Liam Jameson is a famous horror writer. But one has to pay a price for being famous, and so he lives reclusively on a remote Scottish island, hoping no one will invade his privacy while he also hides the scars that inflicted him years ago.

Rosa Chantry is looking for her younger sister, whom she believes is leading her a wild-goose chase. Before she left, she told Rosa and their mom that she is hoping to cast in a movie which is made by one of Liam's bestsellers. Rosa meets Liam along the way, and she doesn't recognise Liam at first.

Thereafter, he begins to feel something for her, but a previous savaged relationship convinces him he will never satisfy a woman again. But Rosa is persistent, so she will help him to forget the fear and hope for a good ending.

This book is an 'ok' read to me, not much excitement and not much disappointment either.


Twelve more days to go and NaNoWriMo will begin. OK, you will probably ask: What is NaNoWriMo? What has it got to do with me? That is, if you have the interest to write, then this is for you.

It is actually a fun approach to novel writing. Participants are requested to begin writing on November 1. The goal? To complete a 50,000-word novel by midnight, November 30. Sounds insane? Yes, you are absolutely right; but for writers it is more like a good opportunity to indulge their enthusiasm on completing a novel within a specific time; and what’s more, it will be a good motivation as starters, so to speak. If you are worried about the words limitation, fear not, as this is all about quantity, not quality. This approach entitles you to write without having to worry about quality, but then if you are thinking of writing a word and copy it 49,999 times, then you can forget about this too.

Once you have completed your novel by end November, you will then be added to NaNoWriMo’s hallowed Winner’s Page and receive a winner’s certificate and web icon.

Hey, there were participants who became novelists after this contest, so what have you got to lose?! Win or lose, it is your effort of trying that counts!

The haze is back again. If not of the smoky smell, one would have thought the nation has become another ‘Genting Highlands’.

It was getting so bad that there was a day that the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) read 150. For your information, PSI value from 100 and above is considered unhealthy, so it is recommended to stay indoors and reduce any vigorous outdoor activity.

Ever since the haze started, my eyes are especially dry as I wear contact lenses. Also, I find one tends to fall sick easily, mostly with dry throats and respiratory problems. I am not surprised the shops that sell herbal drinks see their profits soar as the PSI rate rises. To prevent having sore throats, here are some remedies that work for me:

1) Green Tea (not to mention it’s my favorite drink too!)

2) Oldenlandia water (Oldenlandia is actually a Chinese herb, and is known to diminish fever, detoxification and assistant in digestion).

3) Chrysanthemum Tea with wolfberries

4) Cup of plain water with a dash of salt
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I was so excited when I logged on to Anne Stuart's website this morning and found that she has changed the look of her website.

What's more, she has even put up the excerpts on her next new release Cold As Ice! And gee, I am equally excited to learn that her third 'Ice' book Ice Blue will be out next April! I'm a huge fan of Anne Stuart, ever since I started reading Black Ice. After that, I can't seem to get enough of her books!!! I'm also trying to find some of her older books, but no luck. {sigh}

Nevertheless, do keep a look out for my review on Cold As Ice soon. I'm also glad to note that I have promised a friend that I will read this together with her. And then, I'm sure both of us will start to rave about the hero and the 'cycle' will begin again! LOL.
OK OK, this is not even a book, but I loved these movies that I want to add in to my blog!

I first watched its original, ‘Infernal Affairs’ some time ago and was moved by the plot. (I’m sure most must have known this is a remake of a Hong Kong blockbuster.) Though most of the plot in 'The Departed' is taken from I.A., still there are some scenes that are a little different (I will not list out the difference as it will be spoilers).

Set in South Boston, the state police force is trying their best to wipe out all organized crimes run by the gangster chief who is known as Costello (played by Jack Nicholson). Billy Costigan (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), a young cop goes undercover in Costello’s nest while simultaneously, Colin Sullivan (played by Matt Damon), another young but hardened criminal infiltrates the police force pretending to be a cop. Each man begins to lead a double life, as they provide important information to their respective chiefs. But when both discover there are moles within themselves, they try desperately to find out the ‘culprit’ who tries to expose their secrets. Soon, Costigan and Sullivan find themselves in great danger as they must race against time to uncover and eliminate the other man before he himself is caught and exposed to the enemy.

Cast as the bad guys in both separate films, DiCaprio appears to lead a much tougher life as compared with Tony Leung (as in ‘Infernal Affairs’), I find DiCaprio lacks Leung’s quiet and sullen look, but nevertheless both have played their roles well.
I enjoyed this book without a doubt, and I'm not even talking about the cover mind you! :-P

Nicole Ashton meets Joaquin Luis Sola at a club one night, and both are equally shocked to find each other there. After all, she has left him five years ago, thinking he can't commit to a relationship. But then she faces financial woes with her mother's dancing school and she needs whatever help she can get, even approaching Joaquin despite their strained relationship.

Joaquin Luis Sola is one proud and passionate man, and he hasn't forgotten the day when Nicole has left him. Then there is an opportunity to settle an old score with Nicole, as she offers herself to him for twenty-six nights if he will pay her debts; but he never expects that this proposition will lead him to acknowledge his five-year old daughter's existence as well...

This is one intense romance story that will make you sigh after you have read the last page of the book, never mind about those clich├ęs and other stuff. I think I'm addicted to these Harlequin Mills & Boon series and don't think I will ever get enough of them!
Erin Morgan works as a nurse at Sno-Med Clinic in Manhattan, where her employer Dr. Cinatas researches and provides miracle cures for cancer patients. Then she stumbles upon death of a man, a woman and two teenage girls. Horrified to learn they are victims to the "miraculous" cure for wealthy patients, she flees. On her way during the ride, she hits a wolf on a remote mountain road. When she regains consciousness, she finds a naked hunk lying across the hood of her car.

Jared Hunter has been a shape shifter for centuries. But one night of saving Erin has damned himself, as the poison arising from the battle with another animal stirs a blood lust in him. Erin has a way of soothing his pain, and the more he fights the desire heightens.

When Dr. Cinatas finally catches up with Erin, Jared knows he must risk all to keep the woman he loves safe, but then he is unsure if she will be saved from him instead.

Touch a Dark Wolf is a wonderful romance fantasy with likeable characters like Jared and Erin. This story will not be the last as Jennifer St. Giles will continue this series with a band of heroic warriors known as The Shadowmen...
Hot Night is sizzling HOT! Shannon McKenna's books are always a joy to read, and this is no exceptional.

The heroine, Abby Maitland comes home one night from an unpleasant date and is in for a greater surprise when she realizes she is locked out of her house. She dials her best friend Elaine for help and finds Alexander "Zan" Duncan. Zan not only helps her with the lock issue but also fixes her date from hell, Edgar when he is trying to get rough.

Then Elaine begins to tell her about her terrific secret lover, who wishes to remain anonymous. Though Abby is happy for her friend, she is skeptical about their relationship, and most especially about this man who calls Lucien.

Lucien will try anything to get at the priceless Spanish treasure at a museum where Abby is working, including killing Elaine and eliminate any witnesses who crosses his way. Abby is upset about her friend's death, and wouldn't believe it was a suicide attempt.

Abby is mesmerized by Zan's untamed strength right down to his bad boy image. She has sworn off men of this kind, but yet she couldn't fight the attraction they have for each other. As they begin to fall in love, danger crawls up on them silently...

Hot Night is one sizzling romance suspense thriller, but what makes it even better is having a bad boy hero and a fabulous independent heroine as a combination to this story. I would definitely recommend this with two thumbs up.