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Colleen Hoover's latest release, It Ends With Us, wasn't an easy read. While her signature for writing an intense love story is still there, this story comes together with a heavy issue which will break your heart but it was also a thought-provoking story which is uplifting as well. Please be aware that my thoughts contain spoilers as I felt it is impossible (hard) to write my thoughts without talking about the issue found in this book. 

The story begins with our protagonist, Lily Bloom, delivering an eulogy at her father's funeral. While she is supposed to feel sad with her father's death, in fact she could't help but to feel a bit glad that their unhappy past is over, especially for her mother. You see, Lily's parents' marriage was an abusive one. Every time after her father hit her mother, he would tell her again and again that he was sorry. And although Lily's mother always ended up hurt in every places, physically and emotionally, in the end she always let it go and think that whatever her husband did to her there must be a reason. Unfortunately, that cycle never ends until his death. 

Lily carries this emotional burden with her through her teenage years till her adult life. She works hard and after graduated from college, she moves to Boston from her small town in Maine to begin a new life. She started her own business and it is also at this moment that she meets a handsome, charismatic neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid. Lily begins to think that her new life is a good beginning to everything, and most importantly she is happy again. There was once that she thought she would never get over an old friend, Atlas Corrigan, a homeless guy whom she had helped when she was fifteen but their friendship had ended when he left for Boston to live with his uncle. Lily treasured those moments with Atlas a lot, and she would always write her thoughts on a journal addressing to Ellen DeGeneres, because she loves her show. She called all her journals "My Ellen Diaries" and they contain all her memories of her time with Atlas. 

While Atlas is not what Ryle is, with his brains, charms and all, Lily at times wonder what it would be like if he and Atlas are still together. Would they be a couple? Despite her feelings, Lily is satisfied with her relationship with Ryle as he is an amazing lover who will always think of her first. However, there is a side of Ryle which Lily hasn't noticed, and that side would soon emerge especially after Atlas appears into her life, again. 

It Ends With Us is deeply emotional in many levels and while the subject deals with a heavy issue, I enjoyed the author's writing style. I liked how she wrapped two stories into one - Atlas' past in journal form and Lily's present in first person narrative. While this story is fictional, Lily's nuances of life and her experiences reflect what some women experience in reality and this made it to be a deeply personal novel as well, especially to the author as this is written based on her real-life experiences. While Lily's mother remains to suffer under her husband's abusive behaviours, the author's mother decided for a divorce before the author turned three. Despite all circumstances, the author has the utmost respect for parents who don't involve their children in the dissolution of their relationship, like the way her mother wanted the relationship with her father to be free of any strain by not discussing about it. She decided to break the pattern before it broke her children and it wasn't easy. After all, she made the ultimate decision to leave someone she loved so that her daughters would not think that the abusive relationship was okay. 

Although this is only my second Colleen Hoover book, I think this will remain as my "most powerful and unforgettable read" among all her other books, which I know I want to get to them in the near future. 

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Sphere | July 2016 | 384 pgs
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Clare Mackintosh's debut novel, I Let You Go, is a stunning psychology thriller which has left quite a deep impression on me. Aside from the intensity of a thriller, it was also an emotionally charged book that is gut-wrenching as well. When I knew she has a second novel out, I pre-ordered it and devoured it the moment it reaches into my hands. And I am glad to say that I See You is another excellent thriller by Ms. Mackintosh. 

Public transportation is an important mode of commute for people who don't have a car as well as for those who wants to break away from the hassle of being stuck in a traffic jam. No matter whatever the reasons are, bottom line is they are convenient and fast (for trains or subway anyway). In this latest book by Clare Mackintosh, she takes readers on for a thrilling ride through a plot which revolves around trains and the commuters who take them daily. I bet you will never think of your train journey the same again after reading this. 

Zoe Walker is one of the commuters who takes a train to and from work. While travelling home one evening, she is shocked to see her photo in the classifieds section of London Gazette. Alongside the grainy image of her listed a website address and a phone number as well. While her family members are convinced it is someone who looks like her, Zoe isn't so sure about the classified ads when she sees a different woman's image the next day, and another the day after. Did someone keep track of their movements? 

British Transport Police officer, Kelly Swift, is still haunted by the past when her twin sister was raped. Feeling guilty that she cut short on their conversation when Lexi called to tell her she was being stalked, Kelly dismissed her paranoia until it was all too late. Even though the years have passed by and Lexi has moved on, Kelly carries that burden whenever she takes on an sexual assaulting case and on one occasion decided to take matters into her own hands and beaten up the said offender. She was suspended and that was when she landed up in British Transport Police. However, her righteous in solving serious crimes persists and when she took a call from Zoe Walker about a theft on the Circle line, and later about the adverts on London Gazette, she knew she has to be back in the investigation unit whatever it takes. 

Clare Mackintosh has written another winner in I See You which is more compelling than her previous book. The pace of the intensity and the plot were great, and not to mention the characterisation. There are some mentions of the social media platforms and their easy accessibility and imagine how anyone could easily look up your status or browse through your uploaded photos (and that including friends tagging you, too) without you knowing; the thoughts made me shudder and reminded us why it is important to check/update our security setting from time to time. The ending was superb too; just when I somewhat figured out who the mastermind would be I was thrown off guard towards the last page. So, if you have the habit of sneaking a peek at the last page, please don't. 

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[May contain slight minor spoilers from the previous installments but no spoiler for this 4th installment]

In this latest installment of Kelley Armstrong's Cainsville series, the complexity of the relationship between Olivia, Gabriel and Ricky heightens and stakes run higher than before. If you are following this series, you would know that the three characters are walking on eggshells since they 'undertook' the role of the age old folklore surrounding faes, huntsmen and other fantastical creatures alike. No, this isn't a spoiler and for readers who are new to this series, they would know that there is something extraordinary between them and things have simply spun out of control ever since they made a pact since young decades ago, and how a broken promise has started the chain of events for them, spanning over generations and involving different people for the roles of Matilda (now Olivia), Gwynn (now Gabriel) and Arawn (now Ricky). That chain never breaks until the present Olivia takes a side; to be with the Tylwyth Teg (Gwynn's) or the Cwn Annwn (Arawn's) clan. 

Despite Olivia is in a relationship with Ricky, she still harbours thoughts about Gabriel's real feelings towards her even though he has assured them both that he is not interested in Olivia from the beginning. But of course, we are all fully aware that things might not remain the same and that minds change as the time goes. Readers will see much more vulnerable side of Gabriel in this installment, as well as Ricky's feeling towards their friendship. 

But that is not all, there is a new mystery surrounding them involving the lamiae, the snake-like creatures and the case of a rogue Huntsman and a wounded hound from the Cwn Annwn. Most of all, Ricky is being framed for a series of murder he didn't commit and Olivia has to turn to the Cainsville's elders for information and to seek their assistance with much reluctance. 

This installment is about betrayal and more betrayals, but there is also a light of hope and trust as the characters are trying their best to maintain that friendship they have built centuries ago. However, given their dark history throughout generations, is it even possible? 

I was waiting for this installment with impatience since the last installment. I am engrossed with this series as aside from the complex relationship, I was also intrigued with the mystery surrounding the lamiae and the rouge Huntsman; it was interesting to read about some information of the lamiae and why that Huntsman haunts Olivia and Ricky. Olivia is not new to having visions penetrating her mind at times but it seems Gabriel and Ricky started to experience them in this installment. 

Unlike other triangle-love novels, this isn't a question of who will get who in the end but how it affects them should that friendship pact is (or had been) broken. Of course there are consequences and I am very curious how the story will turn out in the end. Now I have to wait for another year for the next installment to be released. 

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When was the last time I've read a contemporary romance? I love thrillers, but there are also times I need my comfort reads and for this I chose Always On My Mind by Jill Shalvis. You know, Ms. Shalvis really knows what a romance reader wants and she has all the right elements packed in this story.

Leah Sullivan returns to her home town, Lucky Harbor, after learning that her grandmother needs help at her bakery shop after her knee surgery. Leah tells herself she won't be staying long, and that she needs to accomplish something in her life after hearing all the negative remarks from her father since young. She takes part in a baking competition and if she won, she would have her dreams come true - using the prize money to set up her own pastry shop. As much as she misses Lucky Harbor, she isn't ready to meet her long-time best friend, Jack Harper. Jack and Leah used to be there for each other on many occasions; and there might be a time where they could be more than just friends but Leah chose to run away. And she had sure ran far, leaving town and left Jack very hurt.

Jack, on the other hand, has always lived in his father's shadow. Since young, Jack looked up to his father as a firefighter and when his father died in his job he felt he should carry on his father's legacy as a hero and strives to be the best firefighter he can be. After his father's passing and seeing how his death affects his mother still, he decided relationship would be the last thing on his mind, not especially when Leah had left him and fled.

As fate could have it, Leah blurted in haste to Jack's ailing mother to cheer her up; that she and Jack are together so she could rest her mind and concentrate on her cancer treatments. Although Jack isn't enthusiastic about the pretend relationship, truth is he does have feelings for Leah all this time. It is Leah who keeps having doubts, be it her own self or their relationship. It didn't take long for both Jack and Leah to find themselves questioning about their relationship, since the pretence feel more like reality the more they are with each other. Will Leah admit to her own heart this time around?

Aside from the romance, there is a little mystery about a serial arsonist case which has a few Lucky Harbor old buildings in ruins. Although this didn't take up too much of the story, I was still surprised by the outcome (and the culprit) in the end. Of course, Jack being a firefighter led me into thinking about all the brave firefighters out there and how they risk their lives to save ours. Overall I had a fun time reading this book. And if that's not enough, I also ordered two more books of this series, featuring Leah's best friends, Ali (It Had To Be You) and Aubrey (Once in a Lifetime). Although they are part of the Lucky Harbor series, each book could be read as a standalone.  

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If you've read Gilly Macmillan's debut, What She Knew; you'd know that that book is not only well written and intense but it was emotionally charged, too. Her second novel, The Perfect Girl, is like her first book but it is so much better in many ways and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. 

Three years ago, fourteen-year-old Zoe Maisey was involved in a tragic accident which left three of her school mates dead. She served her time but the incident had left the family in shambles. Zoe's father, being a farmer, thought his wife's ambition of getting Zoe into the school's piano scholarship ruined their daughter's perspective and behaviours. Maria thought otherwise and is resolved of building a new life without her husband, since he refused to get out of their small community in Devon to Bristol. Maria remarried and settled down with Chris Kennedy, who had lost his wife to brain tumour and has a teenage son, Lucas. Maria is happy with her Second Chance Family, as she so often refers to her new family, and is adamant that Zoe follows suit and leave their past behind. They will not mention about Zoe’s accident to the Kennedy members and all is good until Zoe's past creeps up on them. And when Maria is found dead thereafter, no one knows what happened and why. Is it revenge? Or is it something else?

Told in three compelling narratives and with all the events unfolding over a span of twenty-four hours, this absorbing suspense tells a tale of a family dynamics, second chances, secrets as well as perceptions. Aside from the characters, this story hit me hard with some various issues which I couldn't disclose due to spoilers, but suffice it to say they are thought-provoking and would wrench your heart given the circumstances and what the society would think and react to that aspects. Each narrative voices their emotions in such a way that would either pull at your heart strings or make you convulse at the things they've done; and all these was an addictive read. But that is not all, what I also liked about this story is that it was gripping, well crafted and that the ending affected me in so many ways that left me feeling a bit empty yet satisfactory at the same time. Some may argue about that ending, but personally I felt it was beautifully done. Highly recommended. 

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