Karen Marie Moning has done it, again! This book is simply divine. I have read most of her Highlanders series and this is simply the best in my opinion. KMM is getting better and better; in Spell of the Highlander, the devilishly handsome hero and warrior, Cian MacKelter was trapped inside an ancient mirror for some centuries.

Jessi St. James, the heroine was a diligent archaeology student who didn't mind spending most of her life in studying ancient artifacts, but there were at times she wondered if she would be a little more fun and let her hair down for once in a while. Then on one occasion she received a package on behalf of her professor and was in for a big surprise. She thought she was hallucinating when she spotted a gorgeous half-naked man staring out at her from inside the glass of an ancient mirror. It turned out that the mirror was a priceless item and someone else would do anything to get it, including the woman who may hold the key to breaking the Highlander's dark spell. Cian offered his protection to her (Jessi didn't know from exactly what), in exchange of sharing her bed.

Spell of the Highlander is both sensual and seductive; a great plot and not to mention the hero was a sexy alpha male that would definitely make you flip the pages faster. I can't wait for KMM's next release.
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  1. Julia Says:

    WOW such a *ahem* cover art. Becareful - you might end up with some guy commenting that he like the book too LOL.....just teasing you!

    Yes - I promise I will try to read Karen Marie Moning books, someday :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Gosh, that'd be a nightmare, Julia! LOL.

    I'm hoping you will read KMM...soon! Now you're not listening to me! LOL.


  3. Julia Says:

    Bawahahaha! A nightmare that alredy happen bawhahaha!

    *I* am listening to just only that I'm not listening...harder to you *duck head and run* LOL

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