OK, so 2006 isn't over yet...but I have decided Mo Hayder's Tokyo (otherwise known as The Devil of Nanking) as my 'Book of the Year 2006'. I don't think any book I read will top this one. You may read my previous review by clicking here.

And here's my favourite reading list for this year (not in sequence):

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  1. Julia Says:

    WOW interesting list of books for the 2006! I would have thought you would say "Cold As Ice" be the # 1 book of the 2006...

    You have listed some great authors that I love :)

    And great job on your list :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Trust me, I have a difficult time making the decision and putting the favourite list, but still I have to do it eh? ;P

  3. Julia Says:

    Well that is just your opinion so don't let anyone tell you anything different :)

    I never read Tokyo ( The Devil of Nanking ) before but I find that it interesting you pick this as book of 2006. Hmmmm...I dunno..maybe I should try it?

    But of course you going to tell me to read it LOL

  4. Melody Says:

    Yes, Tokyo left a deep impression on me.

    There are lots of tension, intrigue and actions going on in this book, and then the fact about the cruelty of the war. It's worth reading IMO. I hope you will read this if you have the chance.

  5. Julia Says:

    Thank Melody -

    I well keep that recommend in mind :) And shall let you know if I ever get this book :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. I've only read 2 of those, and 1 more is in my TBR pile. I'll have to check the rest out.

  7. Melody Says:

    Hey Darla, just curious...which one have you read and which one is in your pile? ;P

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