So I went on leave yesterday, thought I needed a little break from work and also take it as an opportunity to reward myself after all my hard work for the company's dinner and dance... (Blah, that's just a lame excuse, oh well...)

Anyway, the hubs and I went to watch Ratatouille. (I understood this was first released in end June in the States so I don't understand why it takes such a long time to be released over here, hmph!) I have been waiting for this like for ages ever since I read the children's book. If the book is good, then I think the movie is even better! We enjoyed the movie very much! I think the story is inspiring in a way, and I like Remy the Rat's 'never-give-up' attitude as his dream is to become a chef even though he is despised for being a rat, which is a big no-no in the food industry. I will definitely buy the DVD when it is released, and I'm sure my daughter will like it.

Now come to books... my so called shopping trip won't be complete without making a stopover at the bookstores, so it wasn't a surprise (to the hubs anyway) that I raided Kinokuniya and Borders and bought the following:

Hell On Heels
An anthology by Julie Kenner, Kathleen O'Reilly & Dee Davis

My Immortal by Erin McCarthy

Into The Storm by Suzanne Brockmann

Little Face by Sophie Hannah

I also stopped over at HMV for some music albums. I bought Danson Tang's Love Me album, as well as High School Musical Soundtrack (2-Disc Special Edition). I didn't catch the latter's movie until the TV station aired it some time ago, and I love their songs so I'm thinking I will add this onto my shelf as well.

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  1. Alice Says:

    Ooooooo new books! Looks exciting too. I pretty much guessed you were on leave because I did not see you blog. ;-)

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Debi Says:

    Wow...what a fun little shopping spree! How do you find all those fun anthologies?!!

  3. Melody Says:

    Yay! Alice, can you tell I'm excited about my shopping trip?! LOL.

    Hey Debi! I think that anthology has been released some months ago but I just couldn't find it. Anyway I'm thrilled to have it in my pile now!!! :D

  4. Julia Says:

    Melody - sound like you had lot of fun at the movie and your day off :)

    You did know that you have read books by Erin McCarthy before, right? Her lighter side. My Immortal will be her darker side *grin*. I almost brought it but I knew it about Demon, and am not sure if I would like Demon story LOL

    OMG! Did you brought Suzanne Brockmann's Into the Storm?! :::thuds::: LOL! Now am excited about that LOL

    Good luck with all the books and challenge :)

  5. Melody Says:

    Yup, I did! :D
    Yes, I do know that Erin's My Immortal is a darker story, and since this is her first attempt I'll try to read it. Hopefully the book is as good as her other works.

    You seen it right! I bought the book!!! I knew you had read it long time ago when it was first released in HC format, but I'm waiting for the PB to be released so finally the wait is over! ;P

  6. Julia Says:

    Please let me know how you like Erin McCarthy's My Immortal and than maybe I get a copy hehe.

    I'm happy that you didn't give up on Suz Brockmann's books even though you have not finish book #3 LOL! Into the Storm was/is the last year new book. The latest book just came out in HC Force of Nature recently but I know you'll wait for the PB for this one too :)

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I too adore High School Musical. It remind me so much of the old classic movie Grease, which I really love *grin*

  7. Melody Says:

    Sure I will, Julia! But not so soon... ;)

    Well, I haven't give up on Suz's books. Why should I since her books all features sexy heroes and strong heroines? I just need some time to go through all the series books, hehe...

  8. Julia Says:

    LOL, I know you won't read both Erin McCarthy's book and Suz Brockmann's books anytime soon, yet. Since you're busy right now on the challenge books :)

    But you right, that is the good reason not to give up on Suz's books. It does have lot of YUMMY men in them *grin*

    *looking in Alice direction to make sure she heard me* LOL

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like fun! I know you deserved it!

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