Supreme Court, Singapore
(March 10th, 2006)

Old Supreme Court Building

Gazetted as a monument on 14 Feburary 1992

Designed by F D Ward in 1937-1939 for the Court, it was one of the classical buildings built during the period. The pediment sculpture and Corinthian columns of the four-storey building was executed by C R Nolli.

New Supreme Court

11 Responses
  1. Iliana Says:

    Very nice. Although when I first saw the picture the new building I would have thought it was some financial institution as it looks all modern and sleek.

  2. Ok, so I'm trying to imagine--are these two different buildings? Love the mixture of classical and modern architecture!

  3. Violet Says:

    Very nice, I have only seen this in the news :)

  4. Ana S. Says:

    Like Trish, I love the mix of old and new :)

  5. caite Says:

    that last one looks like a alien space ship hovering..
    I must say I prefer the old, charming building.

  6. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I agree with Caite, I like the old architecture better. Quite a contract between the two...

  7. bermudaonion Says:

    The new one looks like a spaceship has landed on the building. Great photos!

  8. Beth F Says:

    Very cool shots. I like the contrast.

  9. Melody Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments!

    The new and old supreme courts are definitely two different buildings. As you can see from the last pic, they preserve the old court (left and right) due to the history and also as one of the attractions.

  10. Alice Says:

    Great photos, Melody. I enjoy this Singapore virtual tour. :D

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