ISBN-13: 9780545140317
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Published: January 2010
290 pgs
Source: Library

Penny Lane Bloom had known Nate Taylor pretty much since birth. After all, their fathers had been friends since childhood. Penny had fantasised walking down the aisle with Nate in future, but as time passes she realised that what she had dreamed or hoped for were merely fairy tales and fantasies. Nate is no longer the old Nate she has known; he has changed or in general, guys change.

Stung by Nate's betrayal, Penny vows to give up boys and dating (at least till the end of her high school days). Inspired by a poster of The Beatles, she sets up a club called The Lonely Hearts Club for herself. She has always find solace in listening to them and to top it all, her parents are huge fans of them and she was even named after one of their songs.

Soon, words about her no-dating club got around in school and the number of members began to grow. Penny's self-confidence grows as she gets to understand her friends more and not to mention getting to meet some new friends along the way. However, she feels herself at a loss after getting to know more of Ryan Bauer, whom has had a relationship with one of her girlfriends and though Diane Monroe assures her that their relationship was long over, Penny still has some doubts about boys and relationships and furthermore, she does not want to contradict herself with the club's rules.

But that is only the beginning of her problems as Principal Braddock soon learns about the club and feels it to be discriminating against the boys in general. Not wanting to dissolve the club, the members amended the rules to include dating, but at this point Penny still has no resolution regarding her relationship with Ryan. So what is she has to do?

The Lonely Hearts Club is a light and fun read that mainly revolves around friendship and about staying true to yourself. I also liked that there are a few references of The Beatles, and reading about her parents' devotion to them brought a smile to my face. What's great about this story is it tells the readers (particularly girls) that one shouldn't ditch a friend for love, and that sometimes love will find you when you least expected it. Ah, so true.
6 Responses
  1. Ana S. Says:

    The Beatles! This sounds like a lovely story :)

  2. The Bookworm Says:

    Sounds like a fun read, great review Mel :)
    I do agree, love finds you when you least expect it.

  3. Julia Says:

    As soon as I read at the beginning how she set up a club for no-dating and then she met Ryan, I knew that situation would have turn around, and she dealing with given up either Ryan or the club.

    Good review Melody :)

  4. Veens Says:

    No one should ever ditch a friend. If u have to that, then the person for whom u r doing this is really not worthit :)

    This is something I would lvoe to read now.

    Great review!

  5. Alice Says:

    Oh yes, love will find you when you least expected it. Thanks for the review, Melody!

  6. Iliana Says:

    Great review Melody! This sounds so cute. I think all of us girls went through "I'm done with boys" phase at one time or another :)

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