This is totally a random picture I found on my Flickr album since I didn't have the time to go through my photo archives at home. This was taken during a winery visit in Perth, Australia last year.
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  1. Veens Says:

    Wow, I have never seen one!

  2. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    That is some good-looking fruit! They make good wine down there...

  3. Iliana Says:

    Between you photo and Sandy's post on Napa Valley I want to go visit some wineries :)

  4. Violet Says:

    I've never been to one either, looks good.

  5. Darlene Says:

    I've never been to a winery but would love to go. This is a beautiful picture.

  6. Alice Says:

    I loved Hunter Valley in Australia when I was there. Their vineyards are just lovely!

  7. Julia Says:

    Love the colorful greenery of the grape. I bet the visit in winery at Perth, Australia was fun :)

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