The first time I'd seen the trailer of Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale, I knew I wanted to watch it. Plus, my daughter and I are big fans of Walt Disney animations so of course we wouldn't miss want to miss it. So we went to watch this movie last evening after shopping around for almost the whole day. Well I am currently clearing my annual leave so I took this opportunity to spend some time with my daughter.

So, Rapunzel tells the story of a girl with her 70 feet of magical, golden hair and her wish to see and experience the outside world while she is being locked away in a tall tower by her "mother". Rapunzel is originally a princess but she was stolen by an elderly woman named Gothel when she was a baby as she knew Rapunzel's golden hair could keep her looking young. There is a little story behind how Rapunzel got her magical hair and that leaves us the audience entranced in the beginning of the movie.

The adventure begins when bandit Flynn Rider flees from the pursuit of his twin thugs as well as the King's guards after they have stolen a diamond tiara of the missing princess from the castle. During the escape, Flynn finds Rapunzel's tower and hide himself in there. But his relief comes short as he soon finds himself being held captive by Rapunzel's long hair. Rapunzel has always longed for some freedom and she strike a bargain with Flynn, telling him that she would return the tiara if he brings her out to see the world as well as the annual floating lights which she always see on the day of her birthday. This escapade gives them the chance to get to know each other better, but danger is around the corner and at what price do they have to pay to get the freedom they wanted so much? Would they be able to escape from their pursuer's grasp?

Well I absolutely loved everything about this animation! I loved the premise, the characterisations, and most of all I am captivated by the songs sang by Mandy Moore, who also lends her voice for Rapunzel's role. Secondary characters like Pascal (Rapunzel's pet chameleon) and Maximus (the lead guard's horse, who at times behaves like a guard dog) add some humour and lively moments to the story and I liked these characters as much as I liked Rapunzel and Flynn. Aside from the fun and excitement, there are also some touching moments towards the end of the movie and it made me a little teary-eyed. I gave this animation a 5-star rating because I enjoyed it so very much! (Needless to say, my daughter loved it too.) I know I will be buying the soundtrack (I couldn't find it when I went to search for it immediately after watching the movie) and the DVD when it releases. You know, I wouldn't mind watching this in the cinema again.
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  1. Violet Says:

    I loved the trailor too, I didn't know it was already released. Time to drag my husband. Glas to know it's good, I'm a huge Disney movies fan too

  2. Darlyn Says:

    I cant wait to get a DVD of the movie. I always love fantasy =)

  3. Ana S. Says:

    This sounds wonderful!

  4. Anna Says:

    My daughter and I both want to see this!

  5. Darlene Says:

    This sounds so wonderful. I've always loved the tale of Rapunzel.

  6. Iliana Says:

    What a wonderful way to spend the day! I enjoy the Disney movies so I'll have to see if I can go see this one.

  7. The Bookworm Says:

    This sounds so cute. I've been meaning to take my daughter as well.
    Great post!

  8. Jenny Says:

    I totally want to see this! It looks adorable! But I'm afraid to get my hopes up and be crushed again, like with Princess & the Frog.

  9. Julia Says:

    I love all Disney movies, so I've been wanting to watch Rapunzel. But the more reason I want to watch it because the hero is voiced by Zachary Levi, the nerd guy from the hit TV show CHUCK. Love him in that show! It's also nice that Mandy Moore is the voice of Rapunzel. I usually like her as an artist singer. I'm happy to hear you and your daughter love the movie. Now am really looking forward to seeing it! Thanks for the review!

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