I don't know about you, but I love watching crime mysteries with a tinge of horror. The latter does not have to be scary ghosts that haunt people but specifically more towards spirits which would help the living people to solve cases and release them from sorrow and give them the rightful justice if they were the victims. Who Are You? is such a drama and I enjoyed it very much, given that there is even a romance theme in it.

Detective Yang Shi-ohn (starring So Yi-hyun) has somewhat lost some of her memories after awakening from a six-year coma. She has no idea what happened to her and this upsets her; but what really troubled her is she discovers that she has gained the ability to see ghosts connected to the objects left behind there. Assigned to the lost and found department after her accident, she and rookie cop Cha Gun-woo (starring Ok Taecyeon) are partners to solve cases which involved the dead. No one knows Shi-ohn's ability to see ghosts, not even Gun-woo who always believes what he can see but after matching the information from what Shi-ohn has told him, he couldn't help but to believe her. 

They cracked several cases through Shi-ohn's supernatural ability but there is a case which both puzzles and troubles her. It involves a passing coworker who died from a gunshot while he was on duty. She also noticed a ghost who seems to be following her on and off, and it takes her some time to remember that the ghost was none other than her ex-boyfriend, Lee Hyung-joon (starring Kim Jae-wook). It appears that Hyung-joon's death had something to do with a crime syndicate and someone had shot him to silent him. Shi-ohn was there on that fateful night but she failed to see the killer. The next thing she knew was her awakening from a coma which was caused by a head injury. 

Determined to unravel the truth, she goes around digging for information with some help from Hyung-joon. On the other end, Gun-woo finds himself falling for Shi-ohn but he has no confidence in winning her heart, after all how could you compete with an ex-lover who was dead? 

Who Are You? reminds me a little of Master's Sun, another South Korea drama which the heroine also has the ability to see ghosts and help them to solve cases before they rest their souls. However, the difference between the two dramas is the former focus more on police procedural while the latter is more on the heroine's attempts to help the ghosts despite she is scared of them. It is also through these acts that she allows herself to fall in love with a rich yet arrogant businessman and how she had slowly changed him the more they are together. 

Aside from the police procedural, what I enjoyed watching Who Are You? is the chemistry between Shi-ohn and Gun-woo. Gun-woo is a quick-tempered cop who always act first before anything else, while Shi-ohn is the coolheaded one. She always act on rational thoughts and no matter how dangerous the case may lead her, she always allows her instincts to guide her. 

I have to say I was quite thrown off by the ending though, but still it was a satisfying ending. After all, I could think of no other ending which would suit better than that.

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  1. jenclair Says:

    I'm a Kdrama fan and enjoyed this one and Master's Sun. My favorite is still Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I'm watching Three Days now.

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