It's been a while since I'd watched a romantic comedy. What I like about rom com is they are sweet, entertaining and they allow my mind to wander away from realism, even if it is only for a short while.

Emergency Couple is a story about a young couple who fell in love and married early, despite the opposition of the groom's family, in particularly the groom's mother. 

Oh Chang-min (starring Choi Jin-hyuk) is a medical school student, and he comes from a family of wealthy, successful doctors. Oh Jin-hee (starring Song Ji-hyo), on the other end, is a dietitian. After they married, Chang-min's family cut him off without a cent. Without financial support, he has to quit medical school and becomes a pharmaceutical salesman. Jin-hee gets depressed as life began to be a toil for her, and Chang-min doesn't seem to be understanding as he too is miserable in his job. They realised they've been fighting too frequently and thought it'd be better if they get a divorce. 

Six years later, Chang-min completed his studies at the medical school. Jin-hee has also put herself through med school. Coincidentally their path cross again when they end up as interns at the same hospital; and both of them are to work together with three other interns in the emergency ward. 

Just when they thought they'd be miserable and argue with each other all over again, the challenges in working as a team in the emergency ward make them realise that a perfect life doesn't exist, and that unexpected accidents happen and irreversible mistakes are made. It is through life's experiences they see each day that make them discover the confidence to change; allow them to grow and challenge themselves whenever a situation calls for it. 

Secondary characters Chun-soo (starring Lee Pil-mo), the attending physician of Emergency Medicine and Ji-hye, assistant professor of surgery (starring Choi Yeo-jin) also play an important role in the drama and not to mention they are mentors to the couple. Chun-soo and Ji-hye had had a past but the latter still harbours feelings for the other all these years. Chun-soo thought his feelings for love was dead, until working with Jin-hee made him open up his heart again. 

What can I say? Emergency Couple is another sweet rom com about rekindle love and hope. Do I find it cliché or cheesy? A little of both. Expected ending? No surprise there. But, what I liked about this drama is not only the leading characters (they looked cute together) but the journey they've been through together, no matter it is happiness or sadness, and how the things they'd gone through have made them mature and look at things in a different angle. 

Divorce has become a common issue in today's society, and though it is rare that a divorced couple to fall in love and be together again, this drama has shown us that this is not impossible, and that a couple should respect and accept each other. After all, the person you married must have some good points that makes you fall in love with him/her, isn't it? Overall, I enjoyed this drama and I'd love to see the leading characters together in another drama again. If possible, I hope there is a sequel to Emergency Couple
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  1. jenclair Says:

    This is in my que. I'm watching Sly and Single Again and You Are All Surrounded now.

  2. Melody Says:

    I hope you'll enjoy it when you watch it! I hope that two dramas you mentioned are good; I've yet to watch them.

  3. I enjoy romantic comedies probably more than I should admit. LOL This one sounds good.

  4. Melody Says:

    It is, Wendy! I enjoyed it so much so that after a day or two went by after watching it, I was still thinking of the drama, lol.

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