Adapted from the webtoon of the same title, The Girl Who Sees Smell (aka Sensory Couple) is a romantic comedy cum mystery drama about a man (who lost his sense of smell and taste) and a woman (who has hypersensitive senses) befriended on a chance encounter and later work as a team to capture the murderer who had killed his younger sister. 

That same murderer had killed a couple years ago, leaving their only daughter as a witness to the gruesome murder. Unfortunately, the girl had an accident while escaping, thus the murderer had to abandon the chance of killing her, considering her accident had drawn a commotion but he did know her name through her school uniform's name tag and vows to take her life the next time. 

Choi Mu-gak's (starring Park Yoo-Chun) sister, Eun-seol, was slashed in the throat while recuperating in the hospital. Bearing the same name as the fleeing girl, she had lost her life due to a mistaken identity. Her death devastated him which led him in a coma for months after he'd left himself in a hunger and sleepless state. He lost his senses the day he woke up, not only that he also couldn't feel any physical pain. This whole trauma has made him closes himself up emotionally. He also left his job at the aquarium and join the police force so that he could investigate the case of his sister's death. 

Oh Cho-rim's (starring Shin Se-kyung) dream is to be a comedienne. She has no memory of her past but she has a hypersensitive senses and she can "see" smell after waking up from a coma when she was nineteen. She can easily trace things or people through their lingering smells. Mu-gak thinks her special capability could help him solve his sister's death, but what he hasn't count on is falling in love with her in the end. 

I have to confess it is Park Yoo-Chun that had me drawn to this drama, though I also have to admit I was intrigued by the premise, and not to mention a character who can see smell. I have been following all dramas casting Park Yoo-Chun; and I was especially thrilled to see his debut movie, Haemoo, released last year. From his debut role as a quiet scholar (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), a humble businessman (Miss Ripley), a time-travelled Prince (Rooftop Prince), an elite agent (3 Days) to his role as a cop (also a cop in Missing You) in this latest drama, Mr. Park once again demonstrates his versatile acting skills and this time around showing us his comedian side pairing up with Ms. Shin. 

Although there is suspense and murder cases involved in this drama, I felt the suspense element wasn't as intense as I had expected, partly because the killer's identity was revealed halfway of the drama and well, it's a romantic comedy. That said, I enjoyed watching this drama - funny, intense (OK, some parts of it) and romantic. And I loved its soundtrack, too. 

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  1. jenclair Says:

    I'm watching this one because I love Park Yoo-Chun! He hooked me in Sungkyunkwan Scandal--and it remains my favorite Kdrama of all time. I think I'm on episode 12. Oh, and I agree about the soundtrack. :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - I like him too! I'm not shy to admit he's my idol, LOL. Yes, he hooked me in Sungkyunkwan Scandal too! I loved the role he portrayed there. Simply wow!

  3. Jellybean Says:

    May I say, me three! Rooftop Prince got me started, but Sungkyunkwan got me hooked haha! Lee Seon Jun will always be my first love (of Yuchun's characters hehe), Dong-shik has a real soft spot in my heart, and now Moo Gak is making me feel all warm and fuzzy. I just love this adorable, 'senseless' guy. :)

  4. Melody Says:

    Jellybean - I know what you mean about Lee Seon Jun being your first love of all Yuchun's characters. He oozes charm and sexiness in that one, isn't it? I read the book version too and there's a sequel too; how I wish they will have a drama adaptation as well!

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