Jekyll and Hyde. They may be fictional characters but what they (or he) have suffered - a rare mental condition called Dissociative Identity Disorder, is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders, for there is no clear consensus on diagnostic criteria or treatment. With no knowledge of this medical condition nor having read the classic sci-fi written by Robert Louis Stevenson (Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde), I watched this drama with a fresh perspective, knowing that with the romantic comedy element it'd be a totally different spin of tale and not to mention entertaining.  

Goo Seo-jin (starring Hyun Bin), our tortured hero in this drama, seems to have everything - looks, intelligence and wealth. He is also in line to become the next CEO of Wonder Group, the conglomerate his family owns which consisting of a theme park, Wonder Land, and Wonder Hotel which oversees by his cousin. As much as Seo-jin is capable, he is also considered as cold and ruthless in everyone's eyes. His alter ego, Robin, on the other hand is kind, gentle and compassionate. This split personality began 15 years ago and Seo-jin has consulted Dr Kang (starring Shin Eun-jung) for a while. She believes Seo-jin's condition is triggered by an incident when he was a boy. On that fateful night, he and his childhood friend, Yoon Tae-Joo (starring Sung Joon), were kidnapped and their attempt to escape had led to a tragedy. It is believed that Seo-jin had abandoned Tae-Joo out of desperation to save himself and no one knew what happened to Tae-Joo thereafter. Dr Kang believes Robin is a manifestation of Seo-jin's guilt and has thought of a treatment to "cure" him until she was attacked and was held captive by her abductor. No one knew why and both Seo-jin and the police are desperate to find her. 

Jang Ha-na (starring Han Ji-min) returns to Korea to join the circus show at Wonder Land. She has dreams to revamp the circus back to its former glory, but she has problems with Seo-jin since he thinks the circus show is no longer the theme park's attraction and they are merely a waste of money and manpower. Despite his dislike for Ha-na, he has saved her from dangerous situations a few times and judging by the circumstances we all know it is Robin who has made his appearance but Ha-na didn't know that and thinks he has a twin brother who's keeping on a low profile. She fell for him gradually, because he reminds her so much of a boy who'd saved her when she was a teenager. 

As the story slowly unfolds, the mystery of Dr Kang's abduction unveils and Ha-na would soon realise the man she loves is none other than Seo-jin; whom Robin shares the body and mind with. 

I've to say the premise was a great one. The beginning part was filled with mystery as we wanted to know the identity of the abductor and the reason behind the abduction. Once the truth is unveiled, we began to see the different side of Seo-jin and Robin; and how Seo-jin slowly changes from a cold, ruthless man to someone who really feels and cares for others. But of course the big question is: What happens to the love between Ha-na and Robin? Despite Seo-jin has became a better person, he is still not the same man she'd loved initially. Plus, Robin wants to live and be a real person, not hidden behind Seo-jin's mind and appear only at a certain timing and when circumstances are called for. 

But of course, being a drama as it is, we'd see some events which would change Ha-na's views and be moved by them, including myself. So, did I like this drama? Absolutely. And what was the most satisfying part of watching it? Surprisingly it wasn't the suspense (well, it was intriguing but that wasn't the most important part, at least not to me) but seeing the transformation of Seo-jin and how it ended, given the complicated situation. I'd had various scenarios flashed across my mind regarding Ha-na's love interest but I thought the ending was the most satisfying one.  

(Jekyll, Hyde, Me Teasers with English subtitles)

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  1. You've got me very curious about this film, Melody. What an intriguing premise! Just reading your review, makes me want to know how the story is resolved.

  2. jenclair Says:

    I really like Hyun Bin, and I started this one, but for some reason never finished it. Need to go back and finish!

  3. Melody Says:

    Wendy - I enjoyed watching this drama so much, Wendy. I've to admit some scenarios are not practical but they are entertaining and offer some food for thoughts. :)

  4. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - I think this is the first drama I watched featuring Hyun Bin; and I've to say this actor is very charismatic, LOL. I hope you'll enjoy this drama as much as I did!

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