I loved this K-drama. With elements such as a power supergirl with a few buttkicking moves, thrown in some complicated love issues and a super evil psychopath and you will have Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

I will skip the plot since the above about sums up the overall picture of this fantasy romcom. What this drama captivated me is the fantastical portrayal of Do Bong Soon (starring Park Bo-Young) and her outlook on family, friends and life in general. Generally speaking, she is a simple-minded girl with a big heart and a bigger righteousness mind who would risk dangers to protect anyone who's in need of assistance (be it a simple lift of a heavy bulky item or a life-threatening situation.) 

Her love life, however, is a bit more complicated, though. She has been friends with rookie detective In Gook-du (Starring Ji-Soo) since they were teenagers and she's always carry a torch for him since then but that feelings is always one-sided until later, which I felt was way too late since by then she was attracted by Ahn Min-hyuk (starring Park Hyung-sik), a young CEO of a video gaming company. She and Min-Hyuk has a history way before they knew each other; and I loved to see how their feelings for each other develop from a boss-subordinate relationship to being a more-than-friends relationship. Their sense of togetherness most often brought a smile to my face be they flirting or clashing with each other's ideas. 

Then, there is the case of the psychopath who abducts young women to be his "brides". This thrilling plot captivated the crime thriller reader in me and it was interesting to see how this suspense involved Bong Soon and Min-Hyuk ultimately. That being said, this drama gravitate more towards the romantic aspect and I loved it all the same. And oh, that ending! *grins*

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  1. jenclair Says:

    :) Another one to add to my list! I enjoyed Hwrang and now that I've finished the last episode, I need another good Kdrama. :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - I'm currently watching Hwrang. It's good to see Park Hyung-sik again after watching this. :)

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