Doctor Prisoner

Synopsis from DramaBeans

Doctor Prisoner centers around an ace doctor in a university hospital’s emergency care center, a skilled professional who treats his patients with full devotion and without discrimination. However, his medical license gets suspended as a result of a medical malpractice incident that arises when the hospital board director causes a ruckus. He then gets his certificate as a medical internist and applies to work at a prison, where his plan is to cozy up to all the bigshots there—business tycoons, celebrities caught for doing drugs, sports stars guilty of gambling—and to win allies, with the ultimate goal of getting revenge against the hospital that ousted him. To do so, he’ll get rid of the existing prison chief doctor and claim the spot for himself.

My thoughts: 
I don't know about you, but I think there's something about medical thriller that attracts us despite some scary facts or uncomfortable scenes that make us think about our bodies and how fragile life can be. I think one reason I love watching medical related dramas is how great a doctor is and seeing how they could save a person's live through their skillful hands and watching Doctor Prisoner allows me to see the passionate side of a doctor called Na Yi Je (starring Nam Goong Min) and his sense of justice when dealing with all kinds of despicable people and their conspiracies. There are so many baddies here that I lost count, and no one is to be trusted, including Dr Na himself since you don't know what he's thinking and what games he might be playing. I think one of the highlights is watching him "creating an illness" to one or two prisoners so they can request for acquittal to justify the few cases he's fighting against the baddies (yes, these group of people are more or less connected) and while it seems a bit far-fetched and doesn't sound morally reprehensible, I can see how his points come about from another perspective. Overall this was an exciting and an intriguing drama and I recommend it if you love a good thriller. (4.5 stars)

The Light in Your Eyes 

Synopsis from AJ at MyDramaList

A girl who can travel through time meets a man who lives a torpid life. Kim Hye Ja is a bright and positive 26-year-old woman who wishes to become an announcer. One day, she gains the ability to exploit time and from there, is involved in a complicated timeline as a 70-year-old. Lee Joon Ha is a man who wishes to become a reporter. He worked hard to reach his goal, but now throws away his time and lives lethargically. When the two opposites meet in a complicated time, a love story begins to unfold.

My thoughts: 
I've to say I didn't expect a romance time travel story would be that complicated (mind boggling to say the least) but you've to go in "blind" as you watch this. Do not read and analyse too much from the blurb(s) because it isn't what you're thinking in the first place. It is a slow-burn at times but the wait is worth it and will leave you gasping and muttering "What?" towards the end. I think this is my vaguest review I've ever written but I can say the message behind this is a thought-provoking one. (4 stars)

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  1. jenclair Says:

    I am not usually a fan of time travel books, I often enjoy them in KDrama. I'll keep The Light in Your Eyes in mind!

  2. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - Time travel books are a hit or miss to me. And I'm like you, I enjoy them more in dramas/movies.

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