Yes, asides from reading novels, I do read mangas too. Mangas are so much easier and faster to read. Here, we can visualize the characters through the artist's drawings, while in a novel you will have to visualize your hero/heroine in your own way. But hey, there are pros and cons between reading novels and mangas, so I'm not complaining! :-)

Some time ago, I picked up this manga because I was attracted by its cover. Now don't be fooled by the cover, for it is not what you are thinking! The reason I bought this is because I'm always attracted to strong heroines, and well I just can't help myself when this cover featured a pretty girl posed with weapons. :-P

Here is my own summary of the blurb:
Gong Er is in-charge of the counterterrorist team in the police force. But after her sister was killed by the terrorists’ team who called themselves ALICE, he left the force with dejection. Several years later, when he received news that ALICE is going to strike again in Japan, Gong Er returns to the team for the special assignment but was informed by the Head of the team that he was to partner with Xia, who was only a fourteen-year-old girl!

Xia was formerly a member of ALICE, and the reason she left them was because she wants freedom and wouldn’t want to be enslaved to them anymore. She believed she could help her ‘buddies’ who suffered the same fate by extending a helping hand to the police. But the thing is she didn’t realize she was being created and trained as a killing machine right from the start. Will she able to help her friends as well as herself?

A page-turner starting from Volume 1; and I can’t wait to read till the end.
Note: There are 4 volumes to-date and more to come...
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