I first stumbled upon this book when I was browsing in a bookstore. Actually, I was attracted by the cover and decided to buy it after reading the blurb on the back cover.

I was glad I bought this book because the story is so moving. There were some scenes that I was moved to tears. Yes, I was sniffing away while hubby thought there was something wrong with me! LOL.

Anyway, the story goes like this:
Anna is a healthy girl and enjoys being a teenager. Kate, her older sister has leukemia and thus, Anna becomes her regular ‘donor’. She has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions etc until the day she begins to question herself if she is just giving her life away simply by doing so. She then made a decision that will tear her family apart, although she still loves Kate.

This book will make you think of life and your loved ones, and how you (as a parent) will react if such things do happen to you. Will you risk your child’s life in exchange of saving another child’s life?

A thought provoking and moving story. This story plot will stay in my memory forever.
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