How time flies! If I didn't recall wrongly, it was 1980 when I was in Primary One. Let me share some of these memories with you...

  • My school was nearby (maybe about 15 - 20 minutes walk) but my mom will still arrange for a 'school car' service for me. I remember it was a middle-aged lady who drove the car, and we loved calling her 'Kaya' (maybe it was the colour of her car!), and the thing is she wasn't even angry when we called her by that name. Come to think of it, we were rude and didn't show any respect for her.
  • There was a subscription for fresh milk in school (optional). They came in triangular packets and we were always looking forward to the different flavours everyday (e.g. chocolate, strawberry etc)
  • I love the sardines puff (a small pie with sardines fillings and are deep fried) which costs only 20 cents then.
  • After meal during recess time, my then good friend and I would patronize the school bookshop for cute letterpads and stickers (I remember the bookshop was small and crammy) and the owner (an elderly uncle) was very patient with his little customers
  • There were these brushing sessions after the recess time and we would squat down by the drain and brushed our teeth with a mug.
  • I was addicted to Nancy Drew and thought she was one cool lady detective, and had read most of her books from the school library.
  • There were always rumors that some cubicles in the toilets were haunted. (Very 'believable' when they used light bulbs).
  • We were most happy whenever National Day arrives because that was the time we would go home early, watch the performance on stage and receive free stationery.
  • Autograph books were circulated amongst the classmates during Primary Six (that's Final Year) and poems were often written (e.g. Birds fly high, hard to catch. Friends like you, hard to forget.)
  • Most of us would wear raincoats and slippers to school during rainy days, and would slip on our socks and shoes once we were in class.
  • Every class there would be one or two Prefects (they wore a tie over their school uniforms and they would list down your name if you were late in class or whatever).
  • Tissues were seldom used at that time. We used handkerchiefs with various printed designs.
  • To top it all, I was exhilarated when my two essays were published in the local newspapers! I think I got about $10 fee for each essay. (I was in Primary Six then, and those $$$ meant a lot to me! LOL.)

Well, those were the days...

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