Booking Through Thursday

So, in honor of Valentine's Day . . .
  1. Love stories? Yes or No? Well, it doesn't matter what story I read for this occasion, although it would be nice if I happened to read a love story before this. For your info, I have just finished reading All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz. Talk about great timing. :)
  2. If yes, "romances" as a genre? Or just, well, stories that have love stories? (Nobody's going to call "Pride & Prejudice" a "romance," right?) It was a romance suspense.
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  1. I'm reading some great romantic suspense by Julie Garwood right now (a series that starts with a book called "Heartbreaker") and enjoyed that same Jayne Ann Krentz novel.

    Glad you did as well.

    I came over from "Booking Through Thursday"... have a great day!

  2. Great timing with this question and the book you just finished, Melody! I just read your review below, and I might have to look for that one at my library. It sounded pretty good :)

    Have a great day!

  3. Andree Says:

    Hi! I read your review and synopsis of the Krentz novel and it is definitely one that I would enjoy listening to in my car! I'm going to go out and look for a recording of it!

  4. Melody Says:

    Hi Marianne, Stacy and Meeyauw, thanks for dropping by. :)

    Don't we all enjoy reading romance novels, which in my opinion one of the genres that will never go 'outdated'! LOL.

    Hope you will enjoy JAK's book. Happy reading, ladies. :)

  5. Unknown Says:

    I haven't read any Krentz. Mine is up too.

  6. Julia Says:

    Hi Melody!

    Happy Through Thursday!

    Here is Mine!

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