ISBN: 9780230014916
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Published: March 2008
(Hardcover) 32pp

I didn't stumble upon this book by chance. I happen to find this book after reading Valentina's review and thought I will buy this for my daughter as her birthday present. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it at several bookstores. Some of them did carry her previous books but not this one. Not giving up, I went home and searched online, hoping to find it on a local online bookstore and again I was disappointed. But I want this book badly, so I called up the bookstore and make an enquiry. The staff told me they didn't have it, but would be glad to help to check and order for me if their supplier has it. So after waiting for about an hour or two, I received a call from them telling me their supplier has the book and asked if I want to place an order. Of course I said yes!

So I have this picture book in my hands today, although it is a little late for my daughter's birthday, but at least I have managed to get the book. Sounds like as if I had a hard time getting it, haha. But hey, it is all worth it.

In The Odd Egg, all the animals (the bird, the hen, the owl and the flamingo) are happy to have laid the eggs except the duck. Later the duck finds a beautiful egg, but the other animals think it is odd because it looks so huge. But the duck remains unfazed with their remarks and patiently waits for it to hatch... Will it hatch and what will hatch from the egg? I won't say more, but I do have something to say about the author/illustrator Emily Gravett. She has won the Macmillan Prize for illustration with Wolves which was published in 2005. This marks the beginning of her career creating children's books. Although I haven't read Wolves, but I fell in love with The Odd Egg so it is only a matter of time I will get to her other books. Her illustrations are great, and the little details she put in those pictures are fantastic (especially the pages are cut to show each egg hatching until it gets to the duck's odd egg). I can't wait to see my daughter's expression when I present this book to her later this evening.
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  1. Debi Says:

    Glad your persistence paid off, Melody! Sounds like a delightful book! We're headed to the library this morning...perhaps they have it there.

  2. Ana S. Says:

    Valentina's review (and now yours) really made me want to read this even though I rarely read picture books. I can imagine your daughter's expression...I bet she was delighted!

  3. Julia Says:

    This sound like a good book. Maybe I get a copy for the 3yrs old I've been babysitting. He might enjoy it :)

  4. Melody Says:

    Debi - Yeah, I'm glad all my efforts have not gone to waste, haha. I really enjoyed this book! I hope you'll be able to find it in your library.

    Nymeth - Go read it if you've the chance. And yes, she was delighted and wants me to read it out to her whenever there's a chance. ;)

    Julia - I'm sure he will enjoy it too!

  5. valentina Says:

    wow, I'm so happy my review made you want this book so badly and that you actually enjoyed it in the end!!
    Hope your daughter will love it too:-) how old is she?

  6. Melody Says:

    Valentina, I've to thank you for your wonderful review. :) She loves it! She's four.

  7. Alice Says:

    I love looking at illustrations in children's books. They're so beautiful! This one is too. :)

    I can be your god-daughter and you can start reading me all these lovely stories...

  8. Melody Says:

    Alice, I agree with you that the illustrations in children's books are just beautiful.

    Your last remark have me chuckling... Sure, I'll always share the stories I read with you through my reviews. ;) I hope you'll not disappoint with them though...

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