ISBN-13: 9780451223371
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Pub. Date: March 2008

I have been catching up with my reading lately, and this book is my first selection for The Pub Challenge (2008). The rule is to read books that are published in 2008 so Thigh High by Christina Dodd fits just right for this purpose. I picked up this book by chance, because the blurb caught my attention; and don't you agree this cover is eye-catching too? But of course the latter is not the main reason I picked up this book, although it doesn't hurt to have an attractive bookcover isn't it?

Though I had read Christina Dodd's historical romances in the past, I never have the chance to read her romance suspense novels so I figure this book should make a good start. Thigh High is the third book in Christina's Fortune Hunter series, following Trouble in High Heels and Tongue in Chic. This is one of those times that I picked up a book without realizing it is part of a series, but still that doesn't stop me from reading it.

Ionessa Dahl, otherwise fondly called Nessa, dedicates her hard work at the Premier Central Bank in New Orleans. Due to an error she had made out of compassion to a client, she lost the chance of a good promotion to fellow colleague, Stephanie Decker who is now bank manager. To make matters worse, the CEO of the bank assumes she is linked to the Beaded Bandits robberies of his Premier Central Bank during Mardi Gras so he decided someone has to spy on Nessa at work.

Jeremiah 'Mac' MacNaught is introduced to the staff as an insurance investigator, but actually he works as an undercover. He is intrigued with Nessa as he is with the mysterious Beaded Bandits robberies cases, and slowly both of them are attracted to each other as they began to see more of each other at work. To make things more interesting, Nessa's two zany aunts are always keen to play matchmakers to Nessa whenever they have a chance so they are delighted to find Mac an eligible applicant. But later, Mac is trapped in a difficult situation as he soon finds himself falling hard for Nessa, and on top of that he isn't sure what Nessa will think if she finds out the truth about his real identity in the end.

Christina Dodd has weaved a witty and fun romance suspense in Thigh High, taking her readers to a trip in New Orleans where readers get a glimpse of the colourful city and the residents' lifestyles. I was most amazed by their Mardi Gras parade, where during this festive event the performers will dress in different costumes with masks on their faces as they happily danced around the streets. It must be a sight to a foreigner like myself.

Besides this, I also enjoyed the characters in this book and the dialogue between the two protagonists; and I too find it a delight reading Nessa's two chirpy elderly aunts who are both young at heart despite they are in their eighties. I think readers who like a fun romance read will enjoy Thigh High. Although I'd still prefer Christina's historical romances, overall I'd say this book is a satisfying read.
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  1. Julia Says:

    I never read book by Christina Dodd before, so am not familiar with her books. I do however, have copy of "Tongue in Chic" in my TBR pile. Now that I know it part of series, I need to get the other two previous books.

    Great review, glad it was satisfied read for you :) Good for you that you've been catching up on your challenge :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Julia. :)
    I hope you'll try Christina Dodd's books, and probably her romance suspense will interest you since you're a big fan of this genre. ;)

  3. Alice Says:

    I like fun romance so maybe I might give this one a try! I think Elaine Fox does fun romance pretty well too. :)

  4. Melody Says:

    Great, Alice! Can't wait to hear what you'll think of this book. I've never read anything by Elaine Fox so looks like I've to check out her books. Thanks. :)

  5. Jane Says:

    This looks like a fun read. Sometimes it's good to put the heavy stuff down and just have some fun!

  6. Melody Says:

    It is, Jaimie. I agree it's good to read something light and fun once in a while. :)

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