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Have you ever been a member of a book club? How did your group choose (ot, if you haven’t been, what do you think is the best way to choose) the next book and who would lead discussion?

Do you feel more or less likely to appreciate books if you are obliged to read them for book groups rather than choosing them of your own free will? Does knowing they are going to be read as part of a group affect the reading experience?

I am not a member of any book club, but I know it would be loads of fun to join one. Although I am not sure if there are any rules or regulations, but in my opinion it is always good to have group discussions and the host/moderator will then decide on what book to read based on the members' suggestions. Or maybe the host/moderator will come up with a reading list and whichever book has the most votes will be read.

Though I have never joined a book club, I did have a few joint-reading sessions with two of my bloggie friends, whereby we will choose a book and will read a few chapters as agreed at one time before we proceed to the next chapters. In this way, we will finish the book and share our views at the same time. Of course I think this will only work best with a small group of people, let's say like two or three readers.

I do not think I will less likely to appreciate the books if I am obliged to read them with other readers; although I am sure all readers will agree that it is always the best to read on your own free will, but the purpose of joining a book club is to share the reading experience besides having fun. I am always happy to discuss the books I read with other readers, after all each of us has different opinions and it is always interesting to hear their thoughts.

So, do you belong to any book club? :-)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was once. And it left me cold. I prefer read on my own.

    Booking through clubbing

  2. Julia Says:

    Wow Melody, I think you and I think alike. I post about the joint reading too (without even had to read your post first!)I truly enjoy joint reading with you Melody!

    I agree that it better to read on our own free well, but at same time, it also fun experience to discuss something interesting with other reader :)

    Happy BTTs - I hope you have a good weekend!

  3. BooksPlease Says:

    Joint reading sounds good, either on-line or in person. I enjoy the discussions with other people.

  4. Eva Says:

    Your bloggie friend read-a-longs sound like fun! I joined a group blog to read Les Mis, but it hasn't been super-active. And I joined a Yahoo group for War and Peace back in January, which was very active, but unfortunately I read the book way too quickly.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, your bloggie readalongs DO sound fun.

    I agree with pretty much everything you say here! My response is very similar.

  6. Darla Says:

    Do online book clubs count? Otherwise, no, I don't. The only people I know who live nearby and read the same sort of things I do are friends of my 18-year-old son. Somehow, I don't think that would work for a book club.

  7. Jane Says:

    I joined an online one.There are none that I know of in my area. I don't mind choosing and reading a book together. That is the purpose of it after all. But I can see why some might find it confining.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I've been a part of a number of book clubs. I've really enjoyed them because they stretch my reading.

  9. Alice Says:

    Your answer is my answer, Melody! :)

    It's always a pleasure reading together with you and Julia. Cheers!

  10. Ana S. Says:

    I think I am too shy for in person book clubs - I'd probably stay quiet all through the discussions :P I don't belong to any online ones either but it's something I'd like to try some day.

  11. perhaps we should set up an anti book club?

    My Post

  12. Alix Says:

    I do love discussing books I've read, I guess that's why I blog :)

  13. Melody Says:

    Gautami - I'm sorry to hear about the bad experience you've been through. Hopefully you'll find another bookclub that's interesting and is fun to be in next time. :)

    Julia - Ah...great minds think alike, hehe.

    Margaret - I enjoy the joint-reading. It's all about fun and exchanging thoughts.

    Eva - I'm impressed you've finished reading that book! I've the book in my TBR pile, and the thickness still intimidates me, LOL.

    Writer2b - Glad we share the same thoughts. :)

    Darla - I think they are refer to online ones as well. Regardless anything, I still think it's fun to read together and exchange ideas.

    Jaimie - There isn't any bookclub in my area either (at least not that I know of). But if there's one good online bookclub that's of my interests, I might consider joining...

    Aaron - I absolutely agree with you about stretching our reading. :)

    Alice - Me too. Glad we share the same thoughts. :)

    Nymeth - I too would be shy to be in a person bookclubs, but onlines are fine with me. ;)

    John - LOL!

    Alix - That's one reason I blog too. ;P

  14. I think if I belonged to a face to face book club, I would prefer a small one too. Some of the online book clubs I belong to are quite large, but the discussions are still worthwhile in most cases. Not always though.

  15. Melody Says:

    I share the same thoughts, Wendy. I tend to shy away from big groups of people, even if it's a bookclub, lol. In this case, I think online ones is more for me. ;)

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