Have your book-tastes changed over the years? More fiction? Less? Books that are darker and more serious? Lighter and more frivolous? Challenging? Easy? How-to books over novels? Mysteries over Romance?

Another great topic this week!

My book-tastes have definitely changed over the years. I used to read a lot of thrillers, horrors and romances in the past. But ever since I have started blogging and after reading so many wonderful book reviews from fellow book bloggers, I decided to be "adventurous" and try out all the different genres as recommended. Now I fell in love with fictions, fantasy, YA, and even Children's picture books! In other words, I am not as choosy as before and I will read anything that sparks my interest. (The down side is, I will be spending more money on books!)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I too have started being a bit more adventurous in trying out books, but the basically my book tastes have remained the same. I used to read a lot of mysteries and thrillers, and that hasn't changed much.

  2. BooksPlease Says:

    My tastes haven't really changed at all, but it has expanded reading other people's blogs.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Of course our tastes change. For the better. I can read non-fiction a lot more now. I used to avoid that.

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  4. Melody Says:

    Nithin - We share the same thoughts. :)

    Margaret - I agree with you about our tastes being expanded reading other people's blogs. There are so many great recommendations, aren't they?! Now the problem is I've a hard time choosing what to read next! ;)

    Gautami - Absolutely for the better! :) I hardly read non-fictions in the past but I'm going to change that from now.

  5. Lynda Says:

    My tastes have changed too..I no longer read horror books, which I loved in my late teens and early twenties ;0)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Blogging has really jump-started, and broadened, my reading too!

  7. Paula Weston Says:

    I agree that blogging (combined with reviews in my favourite newspapers and journals) has helped me discover some amazing books.

    Yay blogging!

  8. Blogging has made me more adventurous too.

  9. Darla Says:

    I'm both more and less picky than I used to be. I'm less picky about the genre--I'll read anything--but I'm more picky about the quality of the writing. Curse of reading a lot.

  10. Jane Says:

    I don't where I'd be without the recommendations of other bloggers. Some of them you can only find on Amazon so I would never even know they existed!

  11. Traci Says:

    I think my experiences are pretty similar. I have definitely broadened my scope of what is readable. I'm more fearless in my reading choices than I used to be.

  12. Josette Says:

    Oh, now that I'm interested in a wider range of books, I don't know where to start when I'm in a bookstore! YA first? The fiction section? And yeah, it makes me spend an insane amount of money too!

  13. Debi Says:

    Spending more money on books...ain't that the truth?!!

  14. Florinda Says:

    I have to agree about how great it is to learn about new, intriguing books from other bloggers - even though I seem to have less and less time to read them :-)!

  15. Unknown Says:

    I have always loved kids picture books :-) Jackie French's "Diary of a Wombat" is my definite favorite at the mometn lol

  16. Isn't it amazing what you can glean from reading book bloggers' reviews? I have tripled my TBR list in the past year!!

  17. Melody Says:

    Holistic Knitter - I love horror books during my teens, but I think I'm beginning to "mellow" down on those nowadays...

    Writer2b, Paula - You know, I wouldn't know what to read nowadays without fellow book bloggers' recommendations. ;)

    Chris - Indeed it is!

    Darla - Ah yes! The quality of writing do makes a difference. I'd also likely to give up a book if the premise is too dry & boring.

    Jaimie - I definitely agree with you on that! I'd found a lot of good books through your recommendations which are now on my wishlist! Oh my, the list is getting pretty long, hehe.

    Traci - I love variety! The more the merrier. ;)

    Josette - I've the same dilemma too! So many books to choose from!

    Debi - LOL. This is a fact that'll never change! :P

    Florinda - I definitely need more time! If only I've the ability to speed read. ;)

    Mountaingirl - Thanks for the recommendations! I'd have to check out that book.

    Smallworld reads - Indeed! I've a problem storing all the books now! ;)

  18. Kim L Says:

    So true. My horizons have expanded thanks to book blogging. I definitely have a much bigger wishlist than before!

  19. Melody Says:

    Kim - Book blogs rocks!! ;)

  20. I think my reading tastes have expanded over the years as well. I'm a lot more open to trying new things than I once was.

    I didn't get around to answering this week's BTT question, I'm afraid. Something came up at work and that took a good part of my attention thsi week.

  21. Melody Says:

    Wendy - Isn't it great that our reading tastes have expanded over the years? At least now we've more variety to read and won't stick to the same old genres... ;)

  22. Late this week but its prompted a reflective account so I hope you drop by. True I have access to more books now.

  23. Julia Says:

    I didn't do mine BTTs last week (was planning to but..) but I just want to say that I think my taste in books change over the years too. Intead of sticking to historical and contemporary romance...I now read lot of romance suspense books.

  24. Melody Says:

    John - I love it that book bloggers always love to recommend books to one another!!

    Julia - Yeah, I'm aware of your passion for romance suspense. ;)

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