Hello All! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know I mentioned in my previous post that I will be back in the middle of this week, but I just want to share a few pictures I took during the Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays. On the eve of CNY (13 Feb), I had the traditional reunion dinner with my in-laws (we had steamboat for dinner but unfortunately I did not bring the camera with me thus no pictures) and that was the time where we all gathered around, chit chat and enjoyed this festive season. We also caught the special CNY variety shows on TV and stayed until 12 midnight where we all count down the day to CNY.

On the first day and second day of CNY (which is today), we visited our in-laws', my dad's and relatives' place subsequently where we would exchange New Year greetings and mandarin oranges. This is also the best opportunity to 'play catching up' because we rarely meet up with the relatives as everyone of us are busy with our own life and so forth.

Tomorrow, my husband and I would be meeting up with some friends. I think it would be fun because we have not met them for some time and one or two of them had a new baby and we cannot wait to find out how everyone is doing.

Well, I shall end this post with the following pictures. I apologise if the pictures are not of good quality due to the poor lightings.

Our New Year goodies
More New Year goodies
Assorted red packets (also known as Ang Pao - for putting in the money to be given to children or to anyone who is single)
Ang Pao and two mandarin oranges (the latter always comes in pair and is a must during the exchange with relatives or friends)
My Uncle's potted tangerines
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14 Responses
  1. The Bookworm Says:

    wow, sounds like you had a great time! and look at all those goodies!

  2. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    Huh. You get cash if you are single? That is interesting! I would think you should get cash when you are married with kids!

  3. Ana S. Says:

    Thank you for telling us about your traditions, Melody! I'm glad you had a good time, and may your day with your friends be just as nice! :)

  4. Veens Says:

    Wow this is a new thing for me! I love all the pics! And it is great to know about your traditions. I am glad you had a gr time!

    Happy Chinese New Year!!

  5. Iliana Says:

    Oh man, I should have been over there celebrating through my 20s! I would have been rich :)

    Happy New Year's, Melody. Wishing you and your loved ones all the best!

  6. Thank you for sharing about your New Year's celebrations, Melody. I am really looking forward to this new year. I've always been quite fond of tigers and have a house full of them (photos, paintings, stuffed animals). :-)

    Happy New Year!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Happy New Year! Looks like you've had great celebrations so far. I want one of those trees for my house :)

  8. Darlene Says:

    Look at all the great goodies! The pictures are great Melody. It sounds like you're having a fantastic celebration. I hope this year brings you and your family many great things.

  9. Melody Says:

    Hello, everyone! Thank you for your comments! We had a wonderful CNY celebrations! I've missed you all, and I'm glad to be back (though am still in a holiday mood and don't feel like working, LOL!).

  10. Violet Says:

    Wow, it's great to know how the CNY is celebrated. We got a lot of those red packets from Shopkeepers too and for some time I didn't know what they were used for :)

  11. Heidenkind Says:

    Yum! How cool! I love the pictures. :)

  12. Julia Says:

    Melody - Happy CNY (belated one!) to you! It sound you had a wonderful celebrations. I wish your family health and happiness.

    I love those soft roll up cookies and eat them often on CNY. It one of my favorite thing. I hope your kids get lot of money in their Ang Pao packets :) Hey I think I deserved to get one LOL !

  13. Alice Says:

    I love looking at those jars of cookies. Make me hungry all over again. Thanks for sharing our culture and tradition, Melody! :D

  14. Anna Says:

    I know I'm a bit late but wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a great time.

    Diary of an Eccentric

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