I picked up this book because of the attractive cover, and not to mention the blurb interests me too!

The heroine Helena is the Warrior Maid of Rivenloch. Miriel, her younger sister is forced to marry a Norman, Sir Pagan Cameliard by King David of Scotland. Helena, along with their elder sister Deidre agreed that one of them would sacrifice to be Pagan's bride, but unfortunately Helena was drunk and her attempt to kill the groom ended in her being captured and restrained by his right-hand knight Sir Colin du Lac.

She manages to turn the table on Colin and abduct him, hoping by taking him as her prisoner she might have a chance of asking Pagan for a ransom in exchange of an annulment of her sister's marriage. While hoping and waiting for the ransom to be exchanged, she and Colin had some misadventures, starting from a visit from a bandit known as 'The Shadow', followed by some English mercenaries. Helena always thought Norman people are cowards and that Colin falls under the same category, but she never expects Colin would still protect her in some other ways.

When Helena can't help falling prey to Colin's charm, she tries to take control of their situation and resists him like a warrior would do. Colin, on the other hand faces the greatest and toughest battle of all, for he wishes to conquer the warrior maid's heart and make her his forever!

I truly enjoyed reading Captive Heart, and there are some amusing parts in this story. I didn't realize this is actually the second book of a trilogy, starring three warrior maid sisters. Lady Danger is the title of the first book. Sarah McKerrigan has a way of writing a beautiful medieval romance, and I will keep a look out of the final instalment to this trilogy A Knight's Prize as well as her other books.
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