Wow, this book has me hooked right from the beginning!

The story starts when the hero, Grant Sullivan agrees to rescue Jane Hamilton Greer, the heroine who is a wealthy socialite whom is believed to have engaged in an espionage. Grant had been one of the government's most effective agents but has just retired until he is engaged by Jane's father.

Jane is a divorcee and is being held captive in Costa Rica by a group of rebels who thinks she has something that they want. She plans for an escape herself, until a man breaks into her room and spoil her plan.

Grant is amazed with the woman he is going to save, for she has intelligence and not to mention guts as well. As they escape and flee into the impenetrable jungle, Jane begins to realize he isn't what she thinks he is, and her doubts of him begins to fade slowly. In the process of fleeing and the time they have spent together, they begin to fall for each other but Grant feels he has too many seeded memories from his work and that their worlds are far apart.

Then the rebels have caught up on them, and in an attempt of saving Grant, Jane has no choice but to allow herself to fall into the arms of their lead, Turego. Grant thinks she is toying him earlier and feels betrayed, then to realize he couldn't let her go despite he resisted his feeling for her.

Midnight Rainbow is filled with action, adventure, intense and well, romance. I couldn't ask for more. This is definitely another keeper for me.
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  1. Julia Says:

    Midnight Rainbow is one of my favorite book of an on going connection trilogy ( or series)! I love it!

    I love to read anything that had set of an adventure, action and jungle. It make the story thrilling or exciting. When I read this book, I was reminded of the movie "Romance of the Stone". In tiny way.

    I hope you go back and read the last two that you didn't read, that are connected to Midnight Rainbow. Both were good too :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Julia, let me know the titles of the other two books so I will look them up as well.

  3. Julia Says:

    Okay I will :)

  4. Julia Says:

    Found it ! Here is the list of book in order, luckly you started with the first book LOL...I find that funny, considering I know you normally read out of order LOL

    - Midnight Rainbow
    - Diamond Bay
    - Heartbreaker
    - White Lies

  5. Melody Says:

    Thanks Julia! I have White Lies in my TBR pile; will have to look out for the others though.

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