I have never read anything by Patricia Briggs, but I thought I would give this a try, since this is a book about vampires and werewolves.

Mercy Thompson works in a garage in the Tri-Cities of Washington State. Being one of the skinwalkers (meaning she is able to take the shape of a coyote), she has supernatural skills besides being a mechanic. She leads a simple life until one day, Mac, a homeless werewolf walks into her garage, asking her for a job. She hires him, and decided he needs guidance from her neighbour Adam Hauptman, who is the alpha leader of his pack.

Later, Mercy finds Mac's corpse in her garage. She has no choice but to look for Adam, and was shocked to find he is drugged and his daughter kidnapped. Soon they all go in search for her, but not realizing they were going into deeper trouble; for as Adams is abducted and they might risk dying in an attempt to rescue him as well as his daughter.

You won't be bored with this book as there are plenty of actions packed in here. Mercy is a likeable character and fans of Laurell K Hamilton will love this new series.
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