You Are Clogs

You are a solid and down to earth person.

You seek – and almost always achieve – a really sound balance in your life.

You are stylish yet comfortable. Mellow but driven. Excited yet calm.

You are the perfect mesh of contradictions.

No matter what happens, you have the ability to stay well grounded in your life.

People know that they can truly depend on you.

You should live: In Europe

You should work: At a company dedicated to helping the world

Can you believe that I don't own any single clog although I know they are comfortable? I prefer sandals. And I'm still trying to figure out some of the words that are lost in the symbols, and I have no idea what I'll be seeking and/or achieving in my life... but I like the idea of living in Europe, since this is one of the places I'd love to visit one day!

Edited to Add (8.54PM):

Singapore Wins the Bid to Host 2010 Youth Olympics!!! Hooray!!! :D

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14 Responses
  1. Darla Says:

    Fun! I'm cowboy boots.

    If you visit Europe, try to get here in the next 3.5 years, so you can visit me, okay? :)

  2. Melody Says:

    I'd love to, Darla! :D

  3. Anonymous Says:

    For some reason, I thought the fact that you are "clogs" to be funny. It's a funny word, clogs.

    I'm a sandal girl, too. :-)

  4. Alice Says:

    Hi Melody! I'm Bare Feet.

    You are a true free spirit, and you can't be tied down. Even wearing shoes can be a little too constraining for you at times!

    You are very comfortable in your own skin. You are one of the most real people around. You don't have anything to hide.

    Open and accepting, you are willing to discuss or entertain almost any topic. You are a very tolerant person. You are accepting and not judgmental.

    You should live: Somewhere warm

    You should work: At your own business, where you can set the rules.

  5. Alice Says:

    Oh I forgot to say this: YAY SINGAPORE!!! :D

  6. Melody Says:

    Trish - I think so too. ;P Sandals rules!!! LOL.

    Alice - I find your answer described you perfectly, hehe. And you're indeed living in a warm country. LOL. Thanks for the cheer! :D All of us are excited about the news.

  7. Kim L Says:

    I'm a clog as well, but really I either where my tennis shoes (on the weekends) or my modest little work shoes that don't hurt my knees (during work).

  8. Melody Says:

    Kim, I wear sandals most of the time except when I'm going to work! My working shoes is about 2 inches high, and it's no fun when you're in a hurry.

  9. I am clogs too, Melody! I don't actually own a pair either. I think I may have had a pair when I was a child.

  10. Melody Says:

    Wendy - Oh yes, I think I wore it before during my childhood days... ;) I just love seeing the small children wearing them because it makes them look so adorable!

  11. Iliana Says:

    I don't know about this one - I came up with Cowboy Boots! I've never owned a pair nor do I want any -- must be because I live in Texas :)
    Yay Singapore!

  12. Jane Says:

    I got bare feet! I don't even get shoes!

  13. Stephanie Says:

    I got Cowboy Boots too:

    "This doesn't mean you're country, just funky.
    You've got a ton of attitude and confidence.

    You're unique, expressive, and even a little bit wacky.
    You wear whatever you feel like – and you have your own sense of style.

    You are straight shooting and honest. You tell people how it is.
    Low maintenance and free wheeling, you're always up for an adventure.

    You should live: Where you can at least get to wide open spaces

    You should work: In a job that allows you to take change "

    Actually that's pretty spot on. I do hate country music, but in College I had the coolest pair of red cowboy boots. Man, I loved those boots!

    Yeah for Singapore!!

  14. Melody Says:

    Iliana, I don't owned any pair of cowboy boots either, although I think they're cool! ;)

    Jaimie, bare feet isn't that bad. At least they're better than stilettos in my opinion, hehe...

    Stephanie, I think it described you perfectly!

    Thanks for the cheer! :D

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