MizB wrote: Again, my good Book-a-Week group friend, SuLu, has asked a question that sparked some blogging fodder! She wanted to know WHY people join in on reading challenges… what’s so appealing about them?

First, I enjoy the excitement and fun of joining a reading challenge! It is always a pleasure to find out what other participants are reading and reading their reviews. Most of the times, I get my book recommendations from them. Moreover, I have this 'bad' habit of buying more books and having them stacked in my TBR pile, and I need some motivation to read them. That is where these reading challenges comes in! They help in clearing the TBR pile (even though not in such a big way since I will be adding new ones anyway) but at least they will clear some of the older books which I have neglected in the past. And finally, getting to know more book blog friends!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The reading challenge I did didn't help me clear my reading pile at all. I think I went about it the wrong way.

  2. Alice Says:

    That's one bad habit I don't mind having at all, Melody! LOL. Sometimes it can get a bit 'pressurising' because instead of seeing the pile decrease, it just keeps on going piling up, up and up. Oh my...

  3. I use the reading challenges to clear off some of my TBR books as well. It's a great motivator! Or it is when I actually stick to the challenge lists. ;-) Like you, I also like the community aspect of the challenges. It's fun to see what others are reading and to follow their progress, sharing in our successes and not so complete successes.

  4. Ana S. Says:

    Using challenges to help clear your TBR pile is definitely a wise idea. Unfortunately, I have the tendency to pick books I don't yet own for my challenges :P I'm trying to be better about that these days, though.

    What I like the most about challenges is the community side of them. Meeting other bloggers, exchanging ideas about books, getting recommendations, etc. I also like how some make me read books I probably wouldn't pick up otherwise.

  5. Debi Says:

    I agree with all your reasons. Plus there's just something fun about putting together a list! My TBR piles always get bigger, not smaller, though because of all the great reviews people like you are always writing from these challenges.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh yes, book recommendations! I so agree with that too.

  7. Melody Says:

    Bluestocking - LOL. I understand that feeling.

    Alice - Indeed! We definitely need more storage space to keep those books, eh? ;)

    Wendy - Reading challenges are indeed great motivators! But most of the times, my reading are based on my moods so sometimes I'll keep the books aside even though I know I've to read them to complete the challenges. ;)

    Nymeth - I do that too! ;P I love the idea of meeting new bloggers and exchange ideas, besides getting book recommendations that is. And thanks to your great reviews that I'm beginning to read more fantasy books. :)

    Debi - Thanks! I feel the same about you too. :) Oh yeah! I've forgotten about the fun of putting the list too!

    J Kaye - As you know, recommendations from book blog friends are still the best! ;)

  8. Iliana Says:

    Even though I can't seem to finish most challenges I join, I do find that they have been helping me get to some of my shelf-sitters!

    I also love making up my reading lists (even if I don't stick to them)... hee,hee.

  9. Melody Says:

    Iliana - Most of the times, I tend to change my reading list depending on my moods, so this is one reason why I can't complete the challenges on time, LOL.

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