This week’s theme is a sort of meme. The basic challenge is to post author photos.

Using the meme-like list below, post photos of authors in response. Please feel free to skip any you don’t like. You’re also free (encouraged!) to add your own, but if you do that, please be sure to indicate which are yours, so that people can credit you if they use yours.

But don’t put words/names with your photos. Ask your readers to guess your answers! If you have a book to give away, you may want to offer a prize, maybe draw a name from those readers who guess correctly.

# # #

1. Photos of your favorite author(s).

2. Photo(s) of the author(s) of the book(s) you’re currently reading.

3. A youtube of (an) author(s) you’ve heard speak. (I attached the picture since I couldn't have it linked.)

4. A photo of the author of the book you’ve most recently finished.

5. Photos of the hottest author(s)!

Bonus Question:
List any title written by this author. (Hint: She writes historical fictions. One of her works was shown on the big screen this year.)

Note: You will stand a chance to win a copy of Taken by Barbara Freethy if you can answer this bonus question correctly. Please send your reply to melreadingcorner (AT) gmail (DOT) com; deadline is Thursday, 7 August (GMT +8.00) and the winner will be announced on the following day.

Good luck!

17 Responses
  1. mary_m Says:

    #4 is Sarah Addison Allen.... I think.

  2. What a fun theme for this week! Yours is the first I've really taken a close look at.

    Look at Neil Gaiman! He is hot! Haha

    Jane Austen is such a great writer (I think, anyway). And is that Kazuo Ishiguro next to her?

  3. Alice Says:

    OMG Neil Gaiman... *fainted*

  4. Melody Says:

    Mary - Thanks for your comments. :)

    Wendy - Thank you! I have not read all the books by Jane Austen yet. Northanger Abbey is actually the second book I read by her. I'll have to 'devour' her other books some time later.

    Alice - LOL. I know most of us will get excited whenever his name is mentioned or when he has his new book(s) out, eh? ;)

  5. Ana S. Says:

    I only recognize Neil Gaiman, Jane Austen and Stephanie Meyer.

  6. Debi Says:

    #3-Stephenie Meyer. #5-the ultra-hot Neil Gaiman. I'm just terrible at this kind of thing!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I'm finally recognizing the Gaiman photo! and poor Stephanie Meyer - she looks like she is tired of having her photo taken...

  8. Maree Says:

    I got Stephenie Meyer, Jane Austen and Neil Gaiman _ he's on my list too, but as a favourite author. :)

  9. Melody Says:

    Nymeth, Debi & Care - Thanks for your reply. :)

    Maree - Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors too. I didn't list all for fear my list will be very long. ;)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    2. Jane Austen
    3. Stephenie Meyer (I've heard her speak too!)
    5. Neil Gaiman (I think he's hot too!)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I'm guessing on the bonus question based on the hint. Is it Philippa Gregory?

  12. Melody Says:

    Jessica - Thank you for your participation! I'll put your name for the draw. :)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    1. Anne Stuart
    2. Jane Austen, Kazuo Ishiguro
    3. Stephenie Meyer
    4. Sarah Addison Allen
    5. Neil Gaiman

    Bonus question:

    Phillipa Gregory

    I think I got all of them right. Have I, Melody?!

  14. Gwendolyn Says:

    #1 is driving me crazy! I know I know her! This is fun.

  15. Lightheaded Says:

    I own the books of Neil Gaiman, Kazuo Ishiguro and Stephenie Meyer so I recognize them from the get-go.

    I'm guessing Philippa Gregory for the bonus question just because of the film The Other Boleyn Girl.

  16. Melody Says:

    Gautami - Bingo! You got it right. :D Will add your name to the draw. Thanks!

    Gwendolyn - I understand that feeling. ;)

    Lightheaded - Thank you! I'll add your name to the draw as well. :)

  17. 4. Sarah Addison Allen

    oh i love ms allen's book, i read garden spells and it was a magical read! cant wait to rean sugar queen.

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