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Do you take breaks while reading a book? Or read it straight through? (And, by breaks, I don’t mean sleeping, eating and going to work; I mean putting it aside for a time while you read something else.)

I rarely take breaks while reading a book. I don't like putting the book aside and pick it up again after a while. I find that I need time to adjust to the setting and to familiarise with the characters all over again if I do decide to take a break, and I would rather read it straight through to avoid all the hassle. However, if I find the story does not interest me anymore, I would give it up.

What about you?

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  1. Julia Says:

    Will..I normally do not take a break to pick up another book UNLESS if am joint-reading a book with someone. Or doing group reading discussion. But yes, I do read straight through with a book if I'm not distracted by TV LOL

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Our answers are similar!

  3. Cat Says:

    I definitely prefer to stick with one until I've finished.

  4. Violet Says:

    Oh, I forgot today was Thursday, darn!!!
    If I were to answer that question, it would be the exact same as yours :)

  5. Alice Says:

    Hi Melody, I do take breaks sometimes and then continue with the same book. Surprisingly I am able to remember the plot/story so it's not that bad for me.

    I also find that I'm now able to read up to 3 books at one time.

  6. I do take breaks with poetry reading!

    BTT: Breaks

  7. Veens Says:

    Hmm.. u know for me it depends on the book, really. It grabs me then... u see me with it at all the small breaks I can get :) otherwise it will be lying aside ;)

  8. Lori Says:

    I am pretty much the same way. Here's mine.

  9. Nise' Says:

    Not usually a break taker.

  10. It depends, for me...if it's fiction book that has me engaged, I'm there til I finish it.
    I do have a non-fiction book or two I'm usually browsing--but for fiction, I finish before starting another as long as it's got my interest.

  11. Joanna Says:

    Hm, I do juggle between a few books at a time although I don't usually take breaks from fiction..non-fiction I do, when the chapters get a little dry, then I tend to shift to something else and come back again :)

  12. Ana S. Says:

    I don't take breaks either. Once I start something, I need to know how it ends as quickly as possible :P

  13. pussreboots Says:

    I give up on books more frequently than I decide to take extended breaks. There are three books though that I have taken a break from. You can see them here.

  14. beastmomma Says:

    I,too, try not to take breaks when reading. Sometimes, I need to in order to meet reading deadlines.
    Here is my response:

  15. Melody Says:

    Hi, everyone! Thanks for your comments and for sharing your reading habits with me. :)

  16. Heidenkind Says:

    I would love not to take breaks while reading, but I read so slowly it's just not going to happen.

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