ISBN-13: 9780061807404
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Published: August 2009
400 pgs
Source: Personal Library

I have seen this book around when it was first released, but did not get it at that time, and looking back now I really regretted for not picking it up earlier!

Anyway, Shutter Island is a story about two US Marshals who are on a mission to investigate the disappearance of a patient named Rachel Solando in Shutter Island, where the Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane is situated. Rachel is considered as one of the dangerous patients at the Ashecliffe Hospital, for she is a multiple murderess and not to mention very mentally disturbed. No one knows how she managed to escape barefooted from a locked cell, and what most puzzled is where could she go in the remote island? That is where Edward "Teddy" Daniels and his partner Chuck Aule come in, and they will have to find every means to uncover the missing person case.

However, it is definitely not easy to solve the case with the threatening hurricane but what is most challenging is getting the hospital staff to cooperate, and some cryptic clues which Rachel has left behind before her disappearance. To make things more complicated, Teddy is still deeply traumatised by the days during the Cold War when he was a soldier, but what most affected him is Andrew Laeddis, the man who set his house on fire that led to the death of his wife. He believes Andrew is in Ashecliffe Hospital and hence this is another reason why he is set to find all the answers in Shutter Island.

As Teddy and Chuck continue to track down clues, it began to dawn on them that things might not seem what it is at Ashecliffe Hospital, and they might not be able to leave the island in the end.

Shutter Island is one of the most intense psychological thriller I have read in a while. It is a suspenseful read, one filled with twists and turns and more questions are raised than answered. I totally enjoyed the reading journey as every page I turned, the anticipation kept on growing until I was totally blown away by the ending. The most thrilling part of this story is, you just could not know who to trust, considering the setting is at Ashecliffe Hospital where they kept the dangerous and mentally disturbed patients at bay. Anyone could be a threat or are lying, whether or not if they are sick in the mind or not, and to me that is the scariest part.

After reading this thriller, I am definitely going to look out the other releases by Dennis Lehane. And of course, I have to watch the film adaptation which is opening next month. I hope it will not disappoint.

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  1. Julia Says:

    I'm planning to see this movie from Netflix and hope to read the book later as well. Glad to hear you enjoy the book :)

  2. Alice Says:

    Hi Melody, I'm glad you liked this one. I loved it when I read it last year. I'm dying to watch the movie, which was the main reason I had read the book first.

  3. Veens Says:

    Wow... I am not much into psychological thriller.. but this does sound thrilling. Thank you for the great review.. I will get this if I can, here.

  4. Wanda Says:

    Oh gosh but this sounds intense! Loved your review and I soooo want to see this movie now!

  5. Ana S. Says:

    I have to say that this book is completely out of my comfort zone, but after seeing so many great reviews lately I'm definitely interested!

  6. Darlene Says:

    I've seen that so many people have liked this book. I did download it to my eReader so I'll give it a read one of these days. The only other of his I've read is Mystic River and it was good.

  7. Melody Says:

    Julia - I hope you'll read the book soon!!

    Alice - Yes, I remember you mentioned about this book on your blog last year.

    Veens & Wanda - It IS thrilling & oh so intense! You've got to read it!

    Ana - I'm glad to hear you'll be giving this book a try!

    Dar - Oh yes! I've heard a lot of great reviews about Mystic River too! That will be the next book I'm going to read by him!

  8. Ceri Says:

    I am SO reading this book. I saw the film two nights ago and WOW! It was amazing!

  9. Melody Says:

    Ceri - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the movie! I CAN'T wait to watch it!

  10. The Bookworm Says:

    I need to read this one, I really enjoyed the movie.
    Great review!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    This was my first Lehane book too, but I'll definitely be reading more. Glad you liked it.

  12. Unknown Says:

    Dennis you have described about Shutter Island film narrative quite brilliantly. I'm big fan of this movie and watched this movie over 6 times. It's the suspense always making me curious to watch Shutter Island again and again. Thanks.
    which is better shutter island or the crazies

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