ISBN-13: 9780241144251
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Published: 2009
341 pgs
Source: Personal Library

Eating Animals may sound like a dry reading material at a glance, but let me assure you that this is not the case. Jonathan Safran Foer wrote this book with a personal, memoir approach in an honest and straightforward manner (in other words - pull no punches) and I find the tone fitting to the subject.

Since his teenage years, Jonathan Safran Foer struggles with the decisions between an omnivore and a vegetarian. He also shares with us bits of his teenage years with his grandmother who had survived the holocaust and her perspective on food thereafter. While their opinions may not be the same, it has made him question on the meaning of food, the consumption and everything else that comes with it. It was only on the brink of fatherhood that prompts Foer to search for the answers to his questions instead of listening to myths and making assumptions. Eating Animals is the end result after his several visits to the factory farms and through his extensive research (not to mention doing his own detective work and getting some workers' opinions from the factory farms and slaughterhouses).

His topics varies from the general aspects of the agriculture industry (all meat products such as cattle, pigs and poultry) as well as commercial fisheries, and how they attribute to the world global warming right down to the slaughtering methods and how the biological effects on the animals (feeding them with growth hormones, antibiotics even though they are not sick and so forth) will all affect us in return.

I understand that the facts are not pretty and they are totally mind-blowing, and while I am definitely not writing this to try to convince you to become a vegetarian or a vegan (though I’d be glad if you do) but I feel it is important that we should be cautious and pay more attention to the food we are eating, where they come from and how they are being handled (treated). I have been an omnivorous person in all my life until two years ago I decided to become a vegetarian, and reading this book has further strengthened my decision of becoming one.

Thank you, Mr Foer, for making this book an engrossing and an ‘eye-opening’ reading experience for me!
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  1. Jaimie Says:

    Great review! Becoming a vegetarian is something I toyed with several times over the past ten years. Good for you for taking that plunge! I like books like this and it opens our eyes to what is happening out of our sights. If I saw a slaughterhouse, meat would be off my plate forever!

  2. Veens Says:

    I am a vegetarian now, but I know I might start eating non-veg too. I know this book sounds like something everyone should read.

    I am sure I cannot stand in front of a slaughter house.

  3. Jeane Says:

    Sounds like a book I want to read (even though I'm not vegetarian)

  4. I've heard such mixed things about this one that I'm not sure what to think. I've heard that Foer is a bit attacking, though, I can see how some might think that defensively. I did love the one fiction book I've read by him, though, so maybe one day...

  5. Iliana Says:

    I really want to read this one. I just know it's going to make me uncomfortable and that's a good thing. We all should pay more attention to what we eat and how our choices not just affect us but the environment too you know. I originally checked this out from the library and it was due before I could really read it so I think it's one I have to purchase eventually. Thank you for your review and sharing about your experience Melody!

  6. Ana S. Says:

    A wonderful review, Melody. Like I was telling you the other day, I need to read this.

  7. Alice Says:

    I'm more of a 'flexitarian' and my food consists of lots of vegetable and a bit of meat, mostly chicken and fish. I'm not sure if I'll ever become a vegetarian but there's no denying that vegetables, fruits, and nuts are good for us. I would like to read this book one day.

  8. Julia Says:

    What an interesting review! I'm glad the book work for you and that it an eye opening experience too :) While I'm not a vegetarian, I do eat lot of salad with fruits and veggie in them, on the side dishes everyday. Glad you enjoy the book!

  9. joanna Says:

    I want to read this, but I'm scared because I don't want to be a vegetarian and I might have to become one after reading the slaughterhouse stuff. I don't eat a lot of meat and when I do it's mostly organic and I know where it comes from, but still. On the other hand, keeping my head in the comfortable sand is hardly a good life choice.

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