I have always wanted to buy some bookshelves for awhile; after all my TBR piles are piling high up in our storeroom, and a few of my books are stacked in my living room's TV console and coffee table as well. These may be a pleasing view for all booklovers, but I do wonder what other visitors might think should they step into our house and see books lying about almost anywhere.

Anyway, my husband and I had finally decided on buying from a furniture store which is within the neighbourhood. We bought our first bookshelf from them so we know the quality and the workmanship. Plus, the store owner is friendly and she did not charge us for the delivery fees.

So here is a picture of my bookshelves. I bought two shelves; one with two columns, and another with three since that's the most our study room's space could allow. This time around I bought the bookshelves without the doors as I think it is easier to clean and maintain, and most of all it resembles library shelves. I spent the whole Saturday afternoon cleaning the shelves and arranging my books onto them. I have never felt so happy doing chores, ha!

I apologise for the poor picture quality though since I took them from my mobile phone (I was too excited and I think downloading pictures from camera take up some time).

Tada! Most of the shelves are already filled up, and I have fully maximised the space by filling two stacks of books front and back in one cubbyhole. The first column on the left (from top to bottom that is) is where I put all the YA novels (the last cubbyhole isn't filled as I have more YA novels which I need to sort out from our storeroom), fiction are on the second (again I need to go through my TBR piles), and the third is thrillers, mysteries and romance. The fourth row is where my Chinese novels and manga are, and finally I left the last column for my daughter's school textbooks and some studying materials from my husband during his Master's Degree days. Those thick files which you see piled up on top of the shelves are his too. I can't wait to see all the shelves are nicely filled up!

So this is how I spent my weekend. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too!

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  1. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    Gorgeous! I am so jealous. I desperately desperately need more of them. We just got an entertainment center for our new tv and audio system, and I believe there might be a couple shelves I can put books, to make more room on the ones in my bedroom. Thanks for sharing your treasure with us!

  2. Julia Says:

    Love your new bookshelves! It always fun to have a new place to put our books in :) I plan to buy one that had more columns in them too. My TBR pile tower is just getting the points of tumbling down the floor. So I need to buy shelves for them too :)

  3. Violet Says:

    Love the bookshelves. I want one too.

  4. Ceri Says:

    Ooh, Melody, I love them! :D And purple, too? My favourite colour!

    I definitely need something like this - my books are all stacked up in piles in my room at the moment. There's more room for them than there is anything else. :P

  5. Beth F Says:

    Love them!!! Wow. Lucky, lucky you.

  6. This is awesome Melody!! Isn't it amazing how fast shelves fill up, though? I got three 6 footers when I moved to our new house and I'm still overrun with books. It's like they multiply in the night!? ;)


  7. The Bookworm Says:

    wow! lovely book shelves! I am like you, I separate genres on my shelves too :)

  8. Iliana Says:

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing your new bookshelves with us Melody. You know, book re-arranging and organizing is one chore I don't mind either :)

  9. That's a gorgeous bookcase set, Melody! I'm drooling all the way from California. :-) My shelves are looking very empty as I pack books away. Hopefully I won't have to wait long before I can unpack them again. I miss having full shelves.

  10. Alice Says:

    Beautiful bookshelves, Melody! I see you've fully utilized all the compartments! :D

  11. Anna Says:

    They look wonderful! Looks like you'll be needing even more space soon enough. ;)

  12. Jaimie Says:

    Nice! I love bookshelves and yours look great. They are almost filled up already!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Those shelves are great! I love getting new shelves and arranging my books on them. It's fun :)

  14. Excellent! It feels nice to buy something to help organize things at home, which in turn, helps un-clutter the place to give it a nice, clean look. Also, when it comes to books, it feels great to have them all gathered in one area. That would make reading easier and more comfortable.

  15. Unknown Says:

    Whoa. You have a lot of books, Melody. You and your husband are true bookworms eh? You really need that huge bookshelf to put all your collections in. Books are good friends and they deserve to have a fine shelter. Nice! I love it. It still has room for more. I bet you’re gonna fill all those spaces soon.

    Allie Carrillo

  16. Unknown Says:

    Woah! The before and after photo really caught me off-guard. You have a lot of books, I give you that, but you were still able to organize them neatly with enough space left for more books! Haha! Just make sure you dust them regularly, okay? Thanks for sharing!

    Fletcher Hevey @ Concord Supplies

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