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  1. Jaimie Says:

    Wow, great pic! You are quite the photographer Melody!

  2. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I love koi! They are alot of fun to feed.

  3. Hi Melody,

    We have a Koi pond in the garden and hubbie talks to 'the girls' regularly.

    We only have 6 'girls' but they are about 10 years old and massive, about the size of 6 of yours put together.

    We have never had any success with breeding, so guess they must all be same sex, a real disappointment for their 'father'!

  4. Violet Says:

    Ah..gorgeous, where is this?

  5. Melody Says:

    Jaimie - Awww...thanks for your kind words! :)

    Sandy - I love koi too! They're simply gorgeous!

    Yvonne - Wow! I'd love to have a koi pond of my own! You've to share some pics with us! :)

    Violet - This pic was actually taken at "Window of the World" at Shenzhen, China. It's a replica park where we got to see vivid replicas of some famous attractions/sites around the world (e.g. Eiffel Tower from Paris, Taj Mahal from India, etc etc. It was all very magificent!)

  6. Iliana Says:

    Beautiful pic Melody - This reminds me of the book jacket of I think it's a Murakami book? So pretty.

  7. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Iliana! :)

  8. Veens Says:

    Wow, so many!!

  9. When I come across koi ponds I always seem to watch the fish swimming for WAY too long! ;)

  10. Darlene Says:

    Oh how cool! What a fantastic picture!

  11. Alice Says:

    Great picture, Melody!

  12. Julia Says:

    WOW that whole lot of fish in the pond! Great pic Melody! :)

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