Recently our company did some renovation works to expand the office space. They have all the measurements and plans well prepared before the work begins, but after the renovation was completed, someone then pointed out that the new office door is facing directly towards the restroom door, which is a big no-no under the rules of Fengshui. While the person-in-charge scrambles for solutions, the management finally came up with two plans:
(1) to build a screen in front of the restroom door; or
(2) re-do everything.

Well, I can't imagine if they decide to take Plan 2, because if they do, can you imagine the time and efforts (not to mention money) have all been wasted? Gosh!

But I understand there are some people who will seek a Fengshui expert before buying a house. I have also came across some rules such as: one shouldn't place his/her bed facing towards the restroom door, and/or one should always keep his/her restroom door closed etc etc. (What is FengShui? Click here to read more.)

Well, we didn't engage any master for advice when we first bought our house (anyway the consultation fees isn't cheap!), but we do leave our master bedroom's restroom's door closed at all times. The reason is - it isn't pleasing to the eyes to leave it open anyway. LOL.

So, I'm very curious to know everyone's opinion. Do you believe in it? And how far would you go if you do?
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  1. Alice Says:

    I don't believe in fengshui at all...

  2. Like Alice, I am not a believer in fengshui. It has the ring of superstition to me, although I know that it is quite popular even in the U.S. and some people swear by it.

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