The story begins with Melke, the heroine escaping from her captor. She is a wraith, as she has the ability to walk being unseen by others. The reason she escapes is because she has stolen a necklace from Bastian sal Vere, whom he believes the necklace can lift the curse that bestowed upon his family for generations. But Melke has no choice, because she has to get this necklace in exchange for her brother's life with the salamanders, which are a hordes of terrifying fire breathing creatures that are deadly if anyone dares to cross their paths.

Anyway, Melke has her brother back but Hantje is seriously hurt. Bastian tells her his sister, Liana is able to save his brother's life, but on a condition that she has to get the necklace back from the salamanders. Melke agrees. She later learns from Liana that the necklace was strung with the paarson's tears, and have passed it down from generations to generations, but someone from the previous generation had stolen it and thus begins the curse. Bastian's father managed to find it; he passed the necklace to Bastian before he decided to join their dead mother. And now the paarson will return at the next full moon to ask for the necklace or else it will take one of the remaining sal Vere members. During the time when Liana is healing Hantje, Bastian assigns his dog Endal to scrutinize Melke every minute of the day. Although the dog can't talk, but it is capable to communicate with people through mind thoughts.

Hantje begins to recover well under the full care of Liana, for she has a magical healing touch. But the days of the paarson's arrival is drawing near, and Melke has to risk her life to get the necklace from the salamanders' den. While Melke is in their den, the paarson came for the necklace. Liana begs Bastian to save Melke, and Hantje promises him he would never let the paarson takes Liana away.

I have to admit I was first fascinated by the bookcover, because I like reading a fantasy story with a female heroine in it. I like the characters in this story, even Endal the dog.

Thief With No Shadow is one compelling read. It's about magic, forgiving and finding love. I will be looking forward to more Emily Gee's book in future.

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  1. Alice Says:

    Sounds like another cool book that I might be getting soon... :) Great review!

  2. Melody Says:

    Oh yeah, I enjoyed this book very much! I'm hoping you will read this as well. :D

  3. Julia Says:

    Great reviews, Melody. Not sure if I'm gonna pick this one up...but we shall see *grin* :)

  4. This one does sound intriguing, Melody. Thanks for the review!

  5. Carrie K Says:

    It does sound pretty good. I've got to quit reading book blogs! So many books. So little time.....

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