I am very glad to say this is my first year in participating in several reading challenges. It is a wonderful experience, to be able to read books with fellow participants and it is also through this channel that I have known and made a lot of booklover friends around the world. :-) It is indeed a pleasure to read their reviews, exchange comments and share the reading pleasure through recommendations and all. What could I ask for more?

Besides this, another reason I participate in these challenges is, I want to see how far I could read in a year. It is more like a personal challenge for myself. Although I am very happy to say I have read more books as compared to last year, still I regret to say I am not able to complete these challenges even though I have tried my best. Thus, I would not take on too many reading challenges in the following year, although the temptation is so great.

Fall Into Reading 2007 Challenge

I would like to thank Katrina of Callapidder Days for hosting this challenge.

My list:

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Pending)
  • Bride Island by Alexandra Enders (Completed on 29 December 2007)
  • School's Out by Christophe Dufosse (Currently Reading)
  • Marley & Me by John Grogan (Completed)
  • Yakuza Moon by Shoko Tendo (Completed)

  • 2nds Challenge

    I would like to thank Joy of Thoughts of Joy for hosting this challenge.

    My list:

  • Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh (Completed)
  • In Search of a Distance Voice by Taichi Yamada (Pending)
  • The Secrets of a Fire King by Kim Edwards (Completed)

    • Reading the Author Challenge

      I would like to thank Verbivore of Incurable Logophilia for hosting this challenge.

      My list:
      Books by Erin McCarthy

      • Smart Mouth (Pending)
      • My Immortal (Pending)
      • Mouth to Mouth (Pending)

      I am ashamed to say I did not even read any of these books for this challenge! I remember when I first signed up for this challenge, I was so excited and had looked through my TBR pile for an author to read. I decided on Erin McCarthy because I enjoyed her debut novel Bad Boys Online so much. Regrettably, with several reading challenges going on and in addition with my change of reading mood, I have kept these books aside thinking I would pick them up once more when my reading mood changes again, but by the time I feel like reading them, the challenge is almost over! I admit this is my fault for not able to complete this challenge, but still that doesn't mean I will give up these books.

      On a different topic, comes the first week of January will be the Buy a Friend a Book Week (BAFAB). I will be posting a list of books to be won during that period so do look out for it. :-)

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      1. Alice Says:

        It's always a joy reading your list, Melody! I'm looking forward to your BAFAB post. I'm posting too. hehe...

      2. Melody Says:

        Thank you, Alice! I am looking forward to your BAFAB post too. ;)

      3. I had not even realized it was BAFAB week next week! I guess my book giveaway kind of falls in that time period. :-)

        One of the things I like best about these challenges is that even if you don't complete them, you can still count them as a success. You do what you can and can count that as an accomplishment all on its own. :-) And even if you didn't get to all the books just yet, you will at some point, right? You have lots of reading to look forward to.

      4. Debi Says:

        Do you know how good it feels to know I'm not the only one who doesn't finish all their challenges? Looks like you still got some good books read, and that's what matters, right?

      5. Julia Says:

        I agree with what literary Feline said. Even if you don't complete them, you still count them as a success. You've done great job in making this challenge work and doing your best. Give yourself a pat on the back (if you can reach it, or just pat shoulder hehe).

        And I can't wait to read many more books with you the next year :)

      6. Melody Says:

        Wendy, I agree with you. What's more, those reading challenges are fun. ;)

        Debi, it does make me feel a little better that at least I'm not the only one who didn't complete the challenges, LOL! And yes, reading pleasure always top the list above all.

        Julia, thanks for your support, as always! :)

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