I remember there was a time during my childhood days that my good friend and I used to send letters to each other once in a week, even though we were classmates and we have so much to talk about in classes. I know some of you may think we were weird or even funny, but it meant something to both of us at that time because we enjoyed the writing moments, and moreover it was fun anticipating the letters to arrive in our mailbox every week. However, we discontinued this 'habit' after we went on separate ways when we were posted to a different high school and the additional school work and activities had kept us all busy.

Even though electronic mails are popular and so much quicker and easier to use, I still prefer the traditional way of writing and sending mails although not many of us do so often nowadays due to our hectic schedules and so forth.

So, I had received some wonderful mails over the past few days and without saying, I was both thrilled and touched to find they are all from my best blogging friends. Let me share them with you:

First, Nymeth sent me this lovely Christmas card and two beautiful handmade bookmarks she made for my daughters! Isn't she sweet and talented? I especially love the prints of her bookmarks; I love the brown elegant designs and the other is just adorable with little chicky prints and white polka dots!

I then received a very cute Christmas card by Wendy. I have to grin whenever I see the card because not only the penguin is adorable with its skiing gears but penguins happen to be one of my favourite animals too!

Follow up next is a book titled Gossamer by Lois Lowry and a beautiful Christmas card by Alice. What made this gift so special is, Alice gave it to me after she found out this is on my BookMooch wishlist! I was simply speechless after opening her mail and at the same time, I was also touched by her thoughtfulness.

Thank you so much, ladies! You have no idea how much they mean to me!
Merry Christmas and Long Live to our friendship!

Edited to Add (6.13PM):

I have another surprise when I received this beautiful glass of tulips from my best friend, Jennifer, for my birthday earlier! She had specially ordered it from a local florist although she is living all the way from Pennsylvania! I am so, so touched by her kind gesture! Thank you so much, Jen!! I miss you too!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I and my friend used to exchange letters too. It was fun. There are wondeful cards in your mail and even more wonderful is the thoughtfullness of the bloggers.

  2. Melody Says:

    Violet - I really miss those days! Yes, I really appreciate and treasure the friendship and the thoughtfulness of my blogging friends although we have not met in person! And that includes you, my dear friend! :)

  3. Ana S. Says:

    Merry Christmas to you, dear Melody! I'm so happy you like the bookmarks! The penguin Christmas card is simply adorable, and Gossamer is a wonderful book!

    I love getting "real" mail too. There's something so special about handwritten letters and cards.

  4. There really is nothing like finding something wonderful in the postal mail, is there? I was really heavy into pen palling until a couple of years ago and I miss finding letters in my mailbox amongst the bills. I am slowly getting back into letter writing again, but I doubt it will ever be quite as much a passion for me as it once was.

    Those bookmarks Nymeth made are lovely, Melody! I hope your daughters will get good use out of them.

    Now you have beautiful flowers and books to enjoy during the rest of your time off from work. :-)

    And I am so glad you liked the card I sent. I couldn't resist the penguin. He's so adorable!

  5. mariel Says:

    How lovely! I haven't had a pen pel since high school, but I do correspond with two good friends in hawaii, though not as often as I used to. It gets so easy to let time pass you by. Enjoy your pressies and have a very merry christmas!

  6. Melody Says:

    Nymeth - All of them are keepers to me! :D Thanks again for everything!

    Wendy - I love receiving mails! I was into pen palling during my high school was so much fun! Sadly, not many people think much of pen palling nowadays.

    As for Nymeth's bookmarks, I'm keeping them for my daughters but I think I may start using them for myself now, LOL.

    Thanks again for your lovely card!

    Mariel - Nowadays I've stopped writing letters to anyone except to a best friend who's living in the states, but most of the times we correspond via emails as it's the quickest way to get replies! ;P

    I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! :D

  7. Alice Says:

    Oh me, oh my! I'm so excited seeing all the wonderful gifts you received! Those glass tulips are so pretty.

    I said good-bye to my copy of Gossamer (one of my favourite-est books) and told it be nice while 'travelling' in post. LOL. I'm glad you like it!

    Enjoy this season of holidays! :D

  8. Melody Says:

    Alice - I was both excited and touched by these gifts! I feel so well-loved! :)

    Thanks again for your book!
    Happy holidays! :D

  9. Julia Says:

    Wonderful mails! I love the glass of Tulips, they are pretty :)

  10. Melody Says:

    Those mails are wonderful and a great surprise to me, Julia! :D
    The tulips are beautiful, aren't they?

  11. Shana Says:

    I love getting "old-fashioned" cards and letters too!

    Those tulips are gorgeous.


  12. The Bookworm Says:

    Great cards and the tulips are beautiful :) The bookmarks are so cute.
    Enjoy reading Gossamer.

    I like the traditional letter writing too, instead of emails.

  13. Melody Says:

    Shana & Naida - "Old-fashioned" mails are still the best! :)

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