I got this book due to the recommendations of my booklover friend, Julia, who claimed she was recommended by her friend but never get a chance to read it, yet! The reviews have been good so far, from what I heard from the bookseller as well as the comments made on B&N. Turns out that Faithless is the fifth book of a series. Oh well...I can always go back to the first book if this is good. :-P

When Sarah Linton, a medical examiner and Jeffrey, police chief and her ex-husband are out in the woods discussing about their past infidelities, they stumble upon a terrifying scenario which shakes them all: a young girl has been buried alive! They began to search for her story, with the help of Lena Adams, who is a female detective.

I am currently reading Chapter Two and I am already hooked with its plot and the turn of the events. The author, Karin Slaughter has a way of writing the story that I, being her first-time reader, couldn’t put the book down! Faithless is full of intrigue, suspense and well...some horror in it as there are some graphic descriptions of the victims.

I will keep a look out of Karin's books in future.

PS: Julia, don’t say I never listen to your recommendations! LOL. Now it’s your turn to grab this copy yourself!
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  1. Julia Says:

    Awww darn! Now I can't complaint that you never listen to my recommedations! LOL ! BUT I can still complaint that you must read the books in order...LOL

    But so glad you are enjoying this book. I can't wait to hear what your full thoughts on it once you are done reading it :)


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