I have read this book since last year, and I want to thank my best friend, Jennifer, for helping to buy this book for me! I have had a hard time searching this book! I couldn't even find it in any of the used bookstores, so Jennifer offered to look out for me, and I was thrilled that she managed to get it, along with Into the Fire and a few others. Thank you so much, Jennifer! :-)

Night Fall is very different from the other romance suspence novels which I have read. I was hooked by the story from the very beginning.

Cassidy, the heroine receives a call from her father, Sean who claims is ill. Hearing this, she rushes back home, only to find the situation isn't what she has expected. Sean is a tabloid-like writer, and he enjoys searching for the most gossip infested stories. He stumbles upon Richard Tierna's story and will do anything to accomplish his next writing 'goal', including taking in the suspected murderer into his own home and entice his daughter back home and take her like a bait to tempt Richard! Cassidy is aware of his suspicion of murder, but she isn't sure of the rumors that claims he has murdered his wife and children, but yet she is unable to explain her attraction to him. Perhaps his mysterious aura intrigues her, for she later agrees to edit Sean's novel and is caught in an untangled web that Richard weaves.

Night Fall is intense, a dark romance story filled with intrigue and suspense. This is a must read for all romance suspense readers who like something different from the same genre.
Occasionally I would like to read just a classic romance story, so I have chosen Prince of the Desert by Penny Jordon amongst my TBR pile. Published under Harlequins Mills & Boons Australia (or Harlequins Presents in America), as far as I know, M&B has been around since I was in High School. Heck, it might even go earlier than that, I’m not sure; but that shows M&B is expanding and still growing on strong.

In Prince of the Desert, Gwynneth the heroine has never given her sexuality any thoughts and has vowed never to give in to passion, but one night in the kingdom of Zuran has changed everything. She met a stranger from the desert and they were attracted to each other. She thought she could leave the thoughts of the man and the night behind, but she never expected the man she dealt with was Sheikh Tariq bin Salud, who was determined to claim her despite anything.

Harlequins stories can be equally sizzling as compared with other romance novels and this is no exceptional. This is the right book for you if you don’t want to feel tied up with a thick book and engaged with various secondary characters to a story. Simply a romance story that entertains; not to mention a beautiful cover set in an exotic location.
Currently, I am reading Tokyo (also titled "The Devil of Nanking" by the US publisher) and it has all the right elements of a great thriller novel. This book was being recommended to me by a colleague.

Grey is a British University student and she is obsessed with finding the truth of the 1937 Nanking massacre. She comes to Tokyo, after following the rumours that a film footage was shot during the massacre. No one knows about the film, and everyone is saying she has made it up in the first place. But she insists it isn’t all her assumptions, so she approaches a professor of sociology, Shi Chongming, whom she thinks he holds the key to the search, but he claims he knows nothing about it. Grey then accepts a job as a hostess at a nightclub, and there she meets an elderly ailing gangster, Fuyuki. It was said that he relies on a certain elixir for his continued health. Grey decides to bargain with the devil, knowing Shi Chongming wanted this elixir badly, for this is one power elixir that others want at any price, but he warns her that Fuyuki is not one people who can easily fool with.

The story switches between Grey’s 'adventure' in Tokyo and Shi Chongming’s diary leading to the Nanking massacre, but despite Hayder’s splitting the two events, it was still a good read and doesn’t affect the reading at all as she smoothly connects them to form the whole picture (or should I say story?). :-P

Hayder writes darker thrillers as compared to the others, and she is one author not to be missed in my opinion. I greatly recommend this book if you have the courage to follow this one ‘roller-coaster’ where it goes greater heights and steeper slopes.



What can I say? The story really left a deep impression on me. This story is dark, and will lead you to think and/or explore one's soul. The massacres scenes are the most difficult to read, not because they are complex, but you can just imagine the horrors and the pains of the Chinese civilians where they will try every means to escape the Japanese soldiers during the World War II. Their methods of killing were cruel, and will leave your blood cold.

In the story, Shi Chongming wants to get hold of the elixir which rumors to promote longevity; while Grey will do anything just to get a glimpse of the film which Shi Chongming is holding. Both of them strike a deal, but never thought their lives will change after then when each begins to realize the truth behind their ignorance.

This story is haunting and beautifully written in my opinion. I look forward to reading more of Mo Hayder's books.
Don't get me wrong. A Confusing Story isn't confusing at all. That is actually the book title. Gotcha! LOL.

Yazi and Yuanzi lost their parents when they were young. They inherited the apartment from their parents and life is simple. Yazi is a university student who will be graduating soon, while her elder brother get married and leads his own life. Their relationship distanced.

One day, Yazi received a call from her sister-in-law, telling her that Yuanzi is admitted in a hospital, his life is in danger and need an organ transplant. Feeling desperate and penniless, she confides in her good friend, Zhongyun. Zhongyun tells her there is a way of solving her financial issue, and that is to sell away one of a woman most important assets: her eggs. Yazi begins to understand how Zhongyun acquires a car and leading a good life. Yazi is in a dilemma, for she feels this is wrong but she is at her wits' end. Finally she has no choice but to give in to this bizarre solution.

She meets up with Jiashi, a wealthy woman who is willing to buy her eggs and sponsors her every living needs, but on a condition that Yazi isn't allowed to be near the baby once the delivery. Yazi is skeptical but in the end, she signed the contract under the moral and mental support by the doctor and the lawyer, moreover she needs the money urgently to save Yuanzi. Yuanzi is saved, finally; then one day Yazi receives a call from the doctor and the lawyer, informing her that she has to abort the baby because Jiashi and her husband falls out.

Yazi by then begins to develop a special feeling towards the baby, who is already in her third trimester. She tells them she will bring up the baby despite anything. Jiashi then vanishes out of her world. Yazi moves in a simple apartment, and is intrigued by her new neighbour who happens to be Jiashi's ex-husband, Yuzhang. He has finally tracked her down, after all the commotion and the lie Jiashi has told him. Yuzhang tells Yazi his relationship with Jiashi was on the rocks, and that Jiashi will do anything to reclaim the lost love - therefore drawing an agreement with Yazi and hoping the baby will bring back his love, since she can't have any children.

Yazi tells Yuzhang she wouldn't give the baby to him, but Yuzhang tells her he will be patient. His family urge them for marriage, but Yazi isn't sure of her feelings towards Yuzhang. Yazi then gives birth not only a boy but twins! They were exhilarated, until Jiashi re-emerges into their lives again, telling them one of the twins doesn't belong to Yuzhang! To make things worse, Jiashi manage to brainwash Yuzhang's parents of seeking custody to the twins. Yuzhang makes an arrangment for Yazi and the twins to escape to the US, since he has the citizenship and an apartment there. The three of them flees, with the companionship of Zhengming, whom Yazi treats him as only a friend.

Yuzhang manage to contact Yazi when the commotion dies down, and realizes she has befriended a young attractive British-Chinese woman called Guining and finally accepts their special relationship. On the way home, Yuzhang's elder sister tells him, "This is one confusing story."

And there, this story ends with her remark.
I got this book due to the recommendations of my booklover friend, Julia, who claimed she was recommended by her friend but never get a chance to read it, yet! The reviews have been good so far, from what I heard from the bookseller as well as the comments made on B&N. Turns out that Faithless is the fifth book of a series. Oh well...I can always go back to the first book if this is good. :-P

When Sarah Linton, a medical examiner and Jeffrey, police chief and her ex-husband are out in the woods discussing about their past infidelities, they stumble upon a terrifying scenario which shakes them all: a young girl has been buried alive! They began to search for her story, with the help of Lena Adams, who is a female detective.

I am currently reading Chapter Two and I am already hooked with its plot and the turn of the events. The author, Karin Slaughter has a way of writing the story that I, being her first-time reader, couldn’t put the book down! Faithless is full of intrigue, suspense and well...some horror in it as there are some graphic descriptions of the victims.

I will keep a look out of Karin's books in future.

PS: Julia, don’t say I never listen to your recommendations! LOL. Now it’s your turn to grab this copy yourself!
Well, I just can't get enough of Nicci French's books! The other day, I managed to get The Memory Game, The Safe House and Land of the Living at a used bookstore. I was so thrilled! Besides these, I also managed to get Every Breath You Take by Judith Mcnaught, Hit Hard by Amy Fetzer and Faithless by Karin Slaughter. Julia recommended the latter to me, before which it was recommended to her from a friend (although she hasn't read it yet). Go figure! LOL.

In Land of the Living, the story starts with the heroine, Abbie Devereaux wakes in the dark and find herself hooded and bound. She has no idea how she was being kidnapped; while all the time she struggles with the truth and tells herself to live on...

Finally she escapes her captor; but back to the outside world, she finds herself lost for she doesn't remember anything before she disappears - days when she quit her job and then there is her boyfriend, Terry... She stays in the hospital where they put her under some tests, while the police continues to keep watch of her... As the days go on, all of them begin to wonder if they should hold on to her words. But what Abbie fears most is the captor may come for her, again...and this time no one will be able to help her, and she will wake in the dark, hooded and bound...
I was stopping by the bookstore during lunchtime earlier when I found these books on the shelves! I was soooo excited! Of course I have to grab them fast. :-P

Matthew Reilly's Seven Ancient Wonders was actually published in 2005, but it was in hardcover, thus I didn't buy it. It is way too expensive in my opinion; with the same amount I can buy 2 books at that price! Anyway, I am so glad to see it's released in paperbacks now.

As for Nicci French's Catch Me When I Fall, I did mention in my previous blog that I will get her other books, but this is only what I could find in the bookstore. I will continue to check for their other books...{keeping fingers crossed}

That's all for now! ;-)
I have just finished reading Secret Smile. Only one word could describe this book: awesome!!! I was hooked with the story right from the beginning. I was totally blown away with the ending, what a shocker! Actually this was the second book I read by Nicci French; the first book was Killing Me Softly, which later made it to the movie screen. I didn't get the chance to watch the movie, but all I know the book was another page-turner.

Nicci French, is actually a pseudonym by two co-writers, Nicci Gerrard and Sean French. They were married and began their first co-writing in 1995, with their first book The Memory Game, which became a huge success. I intend to read their other books once I have the chance to find them all.
OMG, Secret Smile is great! (I have reached to the part whereby the heroine, Miranda began to ask herself if she was going insane or even obsessed with Brendan!!!) I haven't finished reading this book yet, still I can't stop myself from raving it to Julia and hubby. Julia seems interested though a little skeptical (LOL!), while hubby's reaction was like, "What's the big deal about the storyline?!" He didn't know how much he had missed; anyway he isn't a booklover like me, so I gather it's useless to discuss any books with him unless they are books on photography or IT stuff. Oh well...

Anyway, here is a list of books which I'm going to buy next (sequence not in order):
1) Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts (1st book of the trilogy)
2) Murphy's Law by Lori Foster
3) Drop Dead Gorgeous by Linda Howard
4) Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught
5) Breaking Point by Suzanne Brockmann
6) The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe

That's all for now. :-P
I started reading this book on my way to work this morning and gosh, what a great page-turner! A psychological suspense, the story begins with the heroine, Miranda Cotton wishing she had never met Brendan Block, whom they had went out eight times. She dumped him when she caught him reading her diary, uninvited, when she came home from work. Then things began to worsen when her sister, Kerry phoned her in ecstasy, telling her she had found someone she loved, and his name was Brendan. The next thing she knew, her family members were so taken in by his charms that they wouldn’t believe what she told them about him and their previous relationships.

Great hook, great plot, and I’m already dying to find out what would Brendan do to Miranda, or to anyone in the end! Grab a copy if you want to know the outcome, for I’m not going to type my reviews here! LOL! :-P