How many pieces of jewelry do you wear most days?

3. A silver necklace and two rings (my wedding ring and a ring as a gift from my mom).

What is your favorite instrumental song?

Got to be Kenny G. He's so talented! Hmm...I have a hard time choosing one of his songs because I like most of them.

Who has a last name that you like?

I like first names more than last names.

Main Course
Name a popular movie you’ve never seen.

Ocean Twelve

Fill in the blank: Nothing makes me ___________ like ____________.

Nothing makes me more frustrated like having caught in a traffic jam and you could do absolutely nothing about it!


Today’s question is suggested by Carrie.

What’s the most desperate thing you’ve read because it was the only available reading material? If it was longer than a cereal box or an advertisement, did it turn out to be worth your while?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

What an interesting question! Well, I can't say I'd run out of reading material because there are so many TBR books waiting for me to choose from at home.

But I remember there was a time I was in need of a book; it was my trip to New Zealand some years back. I brought a book (Contest by Matthew Reilly) along and read it in the plane. Ended up I finished the book in one sitting...but that also means I won't have anything to read while resting in the hotels or on the way back!

I had no choice but to read hotel brochures, tour maps etc (although it wasn't considered a bad thing, but I thought it'd be better to read a book instead before going to bed). Finally during the last few days before departure, I spotted a bookstore and bought a book! I was so thrilled. LOL. So from then on, I make sure I bring a thicker book.

I found this on a couple of blogs I read this morning. I played along, and rated my blog as "PG", based on these words they found on my blog: hurt (2x) and dead (1x). Hmm...must be my book reviews. LOL.

Blog Rating

Go to if you want to find out your blog rating.

ISBN: 0373772335
Pub. Date: April 2007
Publisher: Harlequin
Series: Masters of Time Series, #1

Claire Camden is a strong and smart woman, and her life revolves around her beloved bookstore consisted of old books. Then one night, a woman by the name of Sibylla breaks into her store, and seeing Claire is around she demands for a page. She is later rescued by a strange man dressed like he belongs during the Middle Ages, and mistook him as an actor sent by her friend because she loves Scottish history and hopes to visit the place one day. But the man claimed he is Malcolm of Dunroch, and a member of the Masters of Time who is there to protect the Innocents and save them all from the evil Moray. Moray is known to kill his female victims through sucking the life out of them through sex pleasure. Malcolm knows Sibylla is sent by Moray himself to get the page, whom they believe they could gain healing power if anyone acquires it.

To ensure she is safe from Moray and Sibylla, Malcolm decides to send her back to his time. There, Claire finds out that the Masters of Time was formed by some great knights whose aim is to battle the demons. Slowly Claire begins to fall for Malcolm, and later both of them realize they must work together to bring down the evil.

Frankly speaking, I was drawn into the story initially because I find the plot is different from the others (paranormal meets time travel), and I love reading books with Highlanders warriors. But the reason I rated 3.5 stars is because there are some parts I find hard to follow, and although I understand the way Malcolm speaks, reading too much of his dialogues "didna ken", "Ye" or "Ye be", I felt them a little overwhelming. Although I still enjoyed reading this book (saved by the sexy Malcolm), I would still prefer to read Brenda Joyce's historicals.

Note: Julia and Alice, it was a pleasure reading with you two. Looking forward to more of our reading-together in future.
wOrDs oN WeDnESdaY

Word for 27 June: pertinacious
  • Holding or adhering to any opinion, purpose, or design, with obstinacy.

  • Stubbornly or perversely persistent; as, pertinacious plotters; a pertinacious beggar.
Synonyms: 1. persevering. 2. dogged.

Woohoo! I was nominated by Alice for the Blogger's Choice Awards. It always warm my heart to find someone out there enjoys reading my blog and thinks it's worthy of a nomination. Thanks so much, Alice! *Hugs*

And to my readers, please vote for me if you think my blog rocks! Thanks, everyone! :)

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Found another book meme over at Stacy's blog. Ahh...just love doing these memes. :D

You need to:

1. Pick up a book that is near to you
2. Go to page twelve in the book
3. Read the first two sentences and post it on your blog
4. Also post the book title and the name of the author
5. Tag 3 other people

Claire was cocooned in warmth that began an invasion from the outside, in. She was acutely aware of a soft, sweet draining sensation - and as aware of Malcolm, groaning uncontrollably, head flung even farther back. ~ Dark Seduction by Brenda Joyce
I won't tag anyone, but please feel free to play along and leave comments.
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You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.
You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.
Also nostalgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.
Friday's Feast

Appetizer - Name a funny habit you have.

This is one of my bad habits I guess... whenever I take things from a rack in a grocery store (or even a book from a shelf in the bookstore), usually I will not take the very first item that is on displayed, instead I will reach for the one right behind.

Soup - If you could instantly know how to play a musical instrument, which one would you pick?

I don't have any talent when it comes to playing with any musical instrument. However if given a chance, I'd like to learn to play piano.

Salad - How long is your hair?

A few inches below shoulder length.

Main Course - When was the last time you forgave someone, and who was it?

It was a co-worker. Last week, she totally ignored me all of a sudden and I don't recall offending her or anything. I did the same since she refused to speak to me, then the other day she just came up to me as if nothing has happened. Of course I have to forgive her.

Dessert - What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

Haha...I hardly cook except during weekends. But I'd say it's the wok, because when it comes to frying, stir-frying or steaming, I will always use the wok. It's that simple.


Since school is out for the summer (in most places, at least), here’s a school-themed question for the week:
  1. Do you have any old school books? Did you keep yours from college? Old textbooks from garage sales? Old workbooks from classes gone by?
  2. How about your old notes, exams, papers? Do you save them? Or have they long since gone to the great Locker-in-the-sky?
Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!
I'm late...just back from my 2 days medical leave. Down with flu and my cough isn't getting any better. *sigh*
  1. I think I have cleared most of my school books away. The only ones I have are just notes from an administrative course. I used to keep some of my portfolios when I took a part-time Graphic Design Course some years back, but because they are bulky and took up space, I had no choice but to throw them away.
  2. Some old notes, yes (see above).
wOrDs oN WedNEsdAYs

Word for 20 June: otiose

  • Ineffective; futile.

  • Being at leisure; lazy; indolent; idle.

  • Of no use.
  • lazy, slothful.

  • idle, vain, profitless.

  • redundant, worthless, pointless.

ISBN: 0061173908
Pub. Date: May 2007
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

I saw this book online and its cover attracted me in the first place. I went on to read the blurb, and liked what I read. The next thing I knew, I went to the bookstore and asked for the book. It wasn't placed on the shelf yet, but the staff was kind enough to check for me and anyway, I was glad to have the book.

First, I wish to clarify that this isn't your normal fiction novel. I mean, it is a fiction but it is an inspirational novel wrapped with a fantasy theme. I have to respect and admire the author for coming up with the clever plots as I was hooked right from the beginning to the ending. I started reading this book on Sunday and have finished it last evening. I don't recall finishing reading a book at this record time, hehe. But anyway, enough of my ramblings and on to the review.

This is a story about a man who is trapped in his past lives. He is pessimistic and thinks himself as a failure. His wife has gone missing for 40 days, and no one knows what has happened until he heard from the news that they had found his wife. She was involved in an accident and is in intensive care. He rushes to the hospital, glad she is alive but she is seriously hurt. She gives him an envelope, telling him to visit an abandoned amusement park to experience the things that happened to her.

Puzzled and hoping to search for some answers, he enters the amusement park and is shocked to find the park magically comes to life. He is then greeted by a groundskeeper named Henry, and he invited him into the park and made him sign a contract which stated he will agree to give up all his defense mechanisms and face the truth.

From there, the narrator begins his adventure as Henry introduces him to the park employees and through these people - a hypnotist, an elephant trainer, a fortune teller, a lion tamer, a strong man etc, he is to overcome all obstacles thrown by them and through these, he begins to learn about the meaning of life and love, to be a stronger person with open mindedness and finally, discovering what happened to Mary and what holds inside her mysterious envelope.
The story begins with Melke, the heroine escaping from her captor. She is a wraith, as she has the ability to walk being unseen by others. The reason she escapes is because she has stolen a necklace from Bastian sal Vere, whom he believes the necklace can lift the curse that bestowed upon his family for generations. But Melke has no choice, because she has to get this necklace in exchange for her brother's life with the salamanders, which are a hordes of terrifying fire breathing creatures that are deadly if anyone dares to cross their paths.

Anyway, Melke has her brother back but Hantje is seriously hurt. Bastian tells her his sister, Liana is able to save his brother's life, but on a condition that she has to get the necklace back from the salamanders. Melke agrees. She later learns from Liana that the necklace was strung with the paarson's tears, and have passed it down from generations to generations, but someone from the previous generation had stolen it and thus begins the curse. Bastian's father managed to find it; he passed the necklace to Bastian before he decided to join their dead mother. And now the paarson will return at the next full moon to ask for the necklace or else it will take one of the remaining sal Vere members. During the time when Liana is healing Hantje, Bastian assigns his dog Endal to scrutinize Melke every minute of the day. Although the dog can't talk, but it is capable to communicate with people through mind thoughts.

Hantje begins to recover well under the full care of Liana, for she has a magical healing touch. But the days of the paarson's arrival is drawing near, and Melke has to risk her life to get the necklace from the salamanders' den. While Melke is in their den, the paarson came for the necklace. Liana begs Bastian to save Melke, and Hantje promises him he would never let the paarson takes Liana away.

I have to admit I was first fascinated by the bookcover, because I like reading a fantasy story with a female heroine in it. I like the characters in this story, even Endal the dog.

Thief With No Shadow is one compelling read. It's about magic, forgiving and finding love. I will be looking forward to more Emily Gee's book in future.


Week of June 17: Random Word Association
I think
1. red hot
2. summer sun
3. car fast
4. book stores
5. kiss love
6. work routine
7. bird sings
8. yogurt yummy
9. sand castle
10. eyes wide
till next time...

Appetizer - Fill in the blank: The best thing about where I live is _________________…

...there is a shopping mall nearby.

Soup - Create a new name for a deodorant (like “Flower Fresh” or “Shower Scent”).


Salad - What was the last piece of software you installed onto your computer?

I really can't remember...

Main Course - If you were to receive a superlative award today beginning with the words ”Most likely to…”, what would the rest of the phrase say?

...complete a task within a specific time!

Dessert - What two colors do you like to wear together?

White and Blue

  1. Do you cheat and peek ahead at the end of your books? Or do you resolutely read in sequence, as the author intended?
  2. And, if you don’t peek, do you ever feel tempted?!

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves.

  1. Nope, I don't cheat or peek ahead. It'd be a great spoiler if I do so. However, I do have the tendency of reading the author's introduction, acknowledgements, etc before I begin to read the first chapter.
  2. Of course I do, but I manage to resist the temptation. I want to enjoy the story from the beginning till the end; it won't be fun if I know the ending beforehand. Reading is all about pleasure and getting to know the characters and plot through the pages, it's not about seeking an answer at the ending in my opinion, although we will get to know once we get to the last page, hehe.
WorDs oN WeDNesDaY

For the past few months, I have learnt several new words on some blogs I read. So I figure it will be good if I do the same.

Word for 13 June: equanimity

Definition: Evenness of mind; that calm temper or firmness of mind which is not easily elated or depressed; patience; calmness; composure; as, to bear misfortunes with equanimity.

Synonyms: serenity, self-possession, aplomb.

Antonyms: panic, disquiet, discomposure, agitation.

Recently our company did some renovation works to expand the office space. They have all the measurements and plans well prepared before the work begins, but after the renovation was completed, someone then pointed out that the new office door is facing directly towards the restroom door, which is a big no-no under the rules of Fengshui. While the person-in-charge scrambles for solutions, the management finally came up with two plans:
(1) to build a screen in front of the restroom door; or
(2) re-do everything.

Well, I can't imagine if they decide to take Plan 2, because if they do, can you imagine the time and efforts (not to mention money) have all been wasted? Gosh!

But I understand there are some people who will seek a Fengshui expert before buying a house. I have also came across some rules such as: one shouldn't place his/her bed facing towards the restroom door, and/or one should always keep his/her restroom door closed etc etc. (What is FengShui? Click here to read more.)

Well, we didn't engage any master for advice when we first bought our house (anyway the consultation fees isn't cheap!), but we do leave our master bedroom's restroom's door closed at all times. The reason is - it isn't pleasing to the eyes to leave it open anyway. LOL.

So, I'm very curious to know everyone's opinion. Do you believe in it? And how far would you go if you do?
I snagged this from Marianne's blog. Just can't resist a book meme...hehe.

161 & 5 Book Meme
1. Grab the book closest to you
2. Open it to page 161
3. Find the fifth full sentence
4. Post the text of the sentence to your blog
5. Don't search around for the coolest book you have, use the one that is really next to you
6. Tag five people to do this meme.

I'm currently reading a fantasy novel - Thief With No Shadow by Emily Gee.

He'd be able to wield a sword and mace and lance easily, to kill.

Wow, definitely seems like an alpha male to me. And you guess it correctly, he is the hero in this book.
Now I will tag Julia, Alice, Wendy, Darla and Kristy because I know they always have a good book in hand. :D
And of course if anyone is interested to play along, you are welcome to do so. Just leave a comment and I will pay a visit. :)
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You Are More Yin

What can I say? This book is awesome! I really like the way Anne Stuart plots her stories and of course, not to mention her writing style is superb! I have read most of her recent releases, and am looking up her past releases as well. Although I did manage to find a few, sadly her very much earlier ones are really hard to find! I'm hoping her publishers will consider to re-issue those books. Anyway, quit my ramblings and back to the review.

La Casa de Sombras was once a beautiful mansion occupied by the Hollywood movie's elite in the fifties. During that time, there was an uproar of a murder-suicide case. Everyone speculated that movie star, Brenda de Lorillard had killed her director lover Ted Hughes before she took the gun on herself. Although the incident had died down through the years, but the ghosts of Lorillard and Huges still roam about in that mansion.

The heroine, Jilly Meyer, with her two siblings, Rachel-Ann and Dean inherited this mansion from their grandmother. Jackson, their father wants the house to be demolished but couldn't do anything because Jilly wouldn't allow it. A millionaire, Jackson is known to be ruthless and couldn't give a damn about his children except Rachel-Ann, who is his favourite amongst the siblings.

Then enters the hero, Coltrane who works as a right hand man to Jackson. Jackson trusted him and wants him to keep an eye on his children and have them off his back while he deals illegal stuff for his businesses. But Coltrane has other agenda on mind, for he is out to destroy Jackson as he knows Jackson was the murderer who had killed his mother back when they were having an affair at the old mansion. His original plan is to use Rachel-Ann to get back at Jackson, because he knows Jackson cares Rachel-Ann more than her other siblings, but after he meets Jilly, he changes his mind as he finds her attractive and different; moreover he loves a challenge. Later, what seems like an easy plan becomes a tricky situation to him, as he soon finds himself deeply engrossed with the Meyer's family relationships and getting too personal with it.

I am really drawn to this intriguing romance suspense and besides the taut plotting, I also enjoyed reading the two spirits' POVs in the story. Although it was weird reading them at first, but I quickly understand Anne's purpose of doing so and that it makes sense and goes well with the whole story. This is one of Anne Stuart's fine classics in my opinion; and after reading it really makes me want to find her other older releases.
Note: Julia, it is always fun to read Anne Stuart's books with you. Looking forward for more!
Booking Through Thursday
Almost everyone can name at least one author that you would love just ONE more book from. Either because they’re dead, not being published any more, not writing more, not producing new work for whatever reason . . . or they’ve aged and aren’t writing to their old standards any more . . . For whatever reason, there just hasn’t been anything new (or worth reading) of theirs and isn’t likely to be.

If you could have just ONE more book from an author you love . . . a book that would be as good any of their best (while we’re dreaming) . . . something that would round out a series, or finish their last work, or just be something NEW . . . Who would the author be, and why? Jane Austen? Shakespeare? Laurie Colwin? Kurt Vonnegut?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!
The first name that flashed into my mind is: Julie Garwood. Oh, how I love her historical romances. There was a time that historical romances is the "IN" genre amongst the romance category, and I was memerized by her titles like Gentle Warrior, Castles, The Prize ... just to name a few. I was hooked by their great story plots and their unforgettable characters.
Then again, Jude Deveraux is my other pick. Like Garwood, her historical romances are equally unforgettable. And it has been some time since I have read any new historical releases by these two authors; it seems like they have turned to writing romance suspense and/or contemporary romance genre. Although I can understand that time has changed and the publishers have to follow the reading trend, I really wish these two great authors will continue to write more historical romances.
(Picture downloaded from Hui Ching at flickr)

Last evening the hubs brought me to a dinner place to try out something new. He said he had tried out this dish with a colleague one day and find it quite special. So we went to this place called Pepper Lunch and we each ordered a Chicken Pepper Rice and Salmon Pepper Rice. (They have steaks too.)

What's so special about these dishes is they are served using a special iron hot plate which they claimed the design is patented in Japan. I read from their promotion board that the plate can actually heat up to 260C in 70 seconds and remain hot for more than 20 minutes. (You may wish to know more about the details here.) So when the staff brought the dishes to our table, the dishes were already sizzling and we added some sauce onto them for taste and "fried" the dishes using our chopsticks and spoons. And next, we were ready to eat!

The rice were delicious; and I love it when they added some corns for a more crunchier taste and also add some colour to the dishes as well. Yes, you can tell we really enjoyed the meal. I'm hoping to try out the Double Salmon Steak next!
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  1. Scientist
  2. Broadcast Journalist
  3. Teacher
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Chemist
  6. Pharmacist
  7. Cartoonist
  8. Librarian

Well, I can't think of any. And I regret to say my current job isn't even listed on it. Hmph! LOL. However, I would like to write full-time when I retire one day.

I found this meme on Alice's and Stacy's blogs and decided to play along. Books memes are fun!

The Rules Are:
  1. Post your responses.
  2. Tag anywhere from 1-5 friends.
  3. Leave comments to let them know they’ve been tagged.
  4. Come back and leave a comment when your post is up.

The next 5 books on your to be read shelf:

  • Wicker by Kevin Guilfoile
  • Red Dragon by Thomas Harris
  • Thief With No Shadow by Emily Gee
  • The Secrets of a Fire King by Kim Edwards
  • In Search of a Distant Voice by Taichi Yamada

Note: The above are subject to change since my reading depends a lot on my moods, but currently these are what I have in mind.

The last 4 books you’ve read:

  • Be Mine by Laura Kasischke
  • Jackson Rule by Dinah McCall
  • Ice Blue by Anne Stuart
  • Sight Unseen by Samantha Graves

The last 3 books you’ve borrowed (library or friend):
Nowadays, I don't visit the library anymore. First, either the books I want are hard to find or are already borrowed. Moreover, I like reading books at my own leisure and hate to be rushed so that they are returned at a specific time. Usually I will either rent them at a rental bookstore (where they have a longer rental period like 2 months; and you can also choose not to return if you like the book but of course you will have to pay the full amount), or buy them at bookstores.

The last 2 non-fiction books you’ve read:

Hmm...I don't think I have read a non-fiction book for quite some time. Even if I do, they are usually self-improvement books but I can't remember the titles. It has been years ago.

The 1 book you wish everyone would read:
This is another question that I can't answer. I believe one reads for himself, and for pleasure. Of course, it is always a bonus if one reads for knowledge and enlightenment too. Just pick a book you like and read.

I won’t tag anyone else, but please leave me a comment if you decide to play along. :)

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Week of June 3: Name one of each

1. a movie that made you laugh Austin Powers
2. a book that made you cry My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
3. a best friend Jennifer
4. a favorite childhood memory Got second in an essay writing competition
5. your favorite animal Penguin
6. your favorite food Too many to list!
7. an item of clothing you can't do without Jeans
8. something you collect Books, bookmarks, fridge magnets...
9. your favorite store to shop in Bookstores!
10. your favorite flower Tulip

till next time...

Name something you think is “the best.”
I'm sure there are various "best" things on my list, but my "best" moment is when I gave birth to my daughter in 2004.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 highest), how stressed are you today?
Well, today is Friday and moreover nothing much happens today...yet, so I'd grade it a 3.

What kind of cleanser do you use to wash your face?

I switch from brand to brand occasionally. Currently I'm using Shokubutsu Balance Facial Foam - Green Tea & Apple.

Main Course
Tonight is a blue moon! What is something that you believe only happens “once in a blue moon.”
Hmm...perhaps clearing my bookshelf! LOL.

When was the last time it rained where you live?
Yesterday! In fact, it looks like it's going to rain when I look out of the window just a few minutes ago.

Sherry Seymour is an English teacher at a community college. She is happily married with a teenaged son Chad; her relationship with her husband Jon is stable but boring. Then she receives an anonymous valentine note in her school mailbox, and from that day onwards it changes her life. At first, she is both amused and flattered by it, but is quickly replaced by curiousity as she continues to receive the notes.

She tells Jon about the notes whom he thinks it's rather sexy and that this little drama could spice up their sex life - with him fantazing being the other 'lover'. Later she runs into Garret, who is Chad's childhood friend, and while catching up on old times, he tells her about his mechanics instructor, Bram who mentions her name a few times during class and thinks he might be the secret admirer. Assuming he is the one who left her the love notes, she begins to take notice of him and soon they started an affair.

Thereafter, it simply gets out of hand when she realizes Bram didn't leave any note to her at all. And to make things worse, Bram appears to be obsessive and wouldn't want her to find the person who left her the notes. Sherry's world begins to tilt when she learns a secret which she isn't supposed to know; and also she begins to feel a sense of loss when Chad seems to pull away from her.

I really enjoyed this novel, and was hooked from the beginning till the end. The book blurb said it is an erotic thriller, but I didn't see anything 'erotic' in this story. Unlike others, you won't see much steamy scenes here and even if there are a few, the author concentrates on the emotions of the characters rather than the act of doing it. There is also something 'poetry' about Laura Kasischke's writing style which I find it refreshing. I am satisfied with the story which it ends with a twist that surprises me.
Booking Through Thursday
  • Do you read e-Books?
  • If so, how? On your computer, or a PDA?
  • Or are you a paper purist? Why?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

  • No, I don't. I find it rather tedious to read them on screen, and moreover it's not as convenient as compared to reading a physical book because you have to sit in front of a computer to read it (although you can do so by using a laptop) but still, it's not my thing.
  • Please see above. Anyway, I don't have a PDA.
  • I guess I'm a paper purist, because I'd definitely prefer to read a physical book than reading an e-book. Also, it's a thrill and joy to find new releases while visiting the bookstore; and there is also something about those new books smell and everything. Besides these, I get to make use of my bookmarks too...