I have never read anything by Shiloh Walker, but this book has definitely caught my attention! The moment I set my eyes on the cover, I just knew this will be one book I wouldn’t miss - since I’m a fan of paranormal romance suspense.

In Hunting the Hunter, the hero in this story, bounty hunter Kane Winter witnesses the murder of his partner, Duke during a drug deal confrontation that went all wrong. The last thing he remembers is a beautiful mysterious woman whom he believes she is the murderess, and he intends to hunt her down until he catches a hold of her. Kendall, a vampire and a Hunter who hunts evil counterparts is intrigued of the mortal warrior when she realized she is his latest “quarry”, but she is not going to let any emotion overcomes her judgment, for she seldom failed with her assignments.

Currently I’m into Chapter 3 and can’t wait to read till the end.
So many books, so little time!!!
All right, I have bought more books during the weekend, so shoot me! LOL. Here are my list:
1) Angel with Attitude by Michelle Rowen
2) Hunting the Hunter by Shiloh Walker
3) Surf's Up by Nina Bangs, MaryJanice Davidson and Janelle Denison
4) Scent of Roses by Kat Martin
5) In the Dark by Marliss Melton

Currently I'm reading Angel with Attitude and all I can say is, this book is a fun read. Former angel, Valerie Grace was kicked out of Heaven and fell into the killer whale tank at MarineLand. She still couldn't understand what she had done to deserve this, but she was going to find the stolen key to Heaven by all means. Then came Nathaniel, a sexy Tempter Demon who intend to lure her to Hell but soon he began to show signs of loyalty and love. Valerie began to wonder if it is a bad thing to have the hots for a demon.

This book was actually recommended to me by the bookstore assistant. I was brownsing and searching for some good books when she dumped the above books (Item no. 1 - 3) into my hands and said, "These're some of the new releases. See if you're interested..." Then she wandered off and busied with her work. Bad Attitude, you would say, but because I'm one of their regular customers (since when, I can't remember!) so naturally we are more like friends than anything else.
I was excited when I saw this book at Kinokuniya's bookshelf yesterday. After all, it was written by Laurell K Hamilton. I have been a fan of her Anita Blake series, so naturally her name caught my interest. I was kinda glad to note that this book is unlike her Anita or Merry Gentry's series. In this story, the heroine was actually a teenage girl who didn't realize she had the talent for magic, or witchcraft as they called it. She was both intrigued and amazed at her strange talent, and I intend to find out how she dealth with it and her journey of exploring and facing the evil.

Well, this is the book which prompts me to read Nora Roberts. As most of you know, NR is today's one of the top novelists and her books sell like hot cakes worldwide.

In River's End, when Olivia Tanner was a toddler, she witnessed something terrifying that changed her life forever. Her mother was brutally murdered while in the hands of Sam Tanner, whom was Olivia's father, held a bloodied scissors.

Frank Brady was a cop and was thrilled to put Sam into prison. His son, Noah Brady was only a kid at the time of the murder but he was aware and curious about Olivia. Later when he was a reporter for a newspapers, he approached Olivia to write about the case which happened years ago but despite the attractions between them, she could tell his motives.

Later in his life, Noah became a successful true-crime writer. So when Sam Tanner contacted him and wanted him to tell the whole story, Noah couldn't resist but the most terrifying was, Sam Tanner was out from prison and he wanted to see Olivia to end the episode that happened so long ago.

This is a classic romance suspense by Nora Roberts, and it has became one of my favourite keepers. Be sure to look out for the twist in this story.

I first stumbled upon this book when I was browsing in a bookstore. Actually, I was attracted by the cover and decided to buy it after reading the blurb on the back cover.

I was glad I bought this book because the story is so moving. There were some scenes that I was moved to tears. Yes, I was sniffing away while hubby thought there was something wrong with me! LOL.

Anyway, the story goes like this:
Anna is a healthy girl and enjoys being a teenager. Kate, her older sister has leukemia and thus, Anna becomes her regular ‘donor’. She has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions etc until the day she begins to question herself if she is just giving her life away simply by doing so. She then made a decision that will tear her family apart, although she still loves Kate.

This book will make you think of life and your loved ones, and how you (as a parent) will react if such things do happen to you. Will you risk your child’s life in exchange of saving another child’s life?

A thought provoking and moving story. This story plot will stay in my memory forever.
Black Ice is definitely the Book of the Year for me in 2005. Thanks to Julia, through her recommendations and her continuous raving of this book, of course I have to pick this up! LOL!

And I was glad I read this book because this book is simply outstanding. Written by Anne Stuart, who is a RITA Award winner, she delivers a story that leaves you utterly breathless. There were a lot of tensions built in this story right from the beginning.

Chloe Underwood, 23-year-old, makes a living in Paris as a translator for children’s books. She accepted a last-minute translating job in the French countryside, thinking it was one of her other assignments but she was dead wrong for she didn’t realize she was dealing with a group of sadistic arms dealers. Then she met Bastian Touissant, who wasn’t sure if she was a spy or otherwise. Despite the circumstances, and his agenda, still he couldn’t resist saving Chloe’s life. There Chloe was, on the run with the most dangerous and attractive man she had ever met. What will be the outcome? I shall leave it to you to find out. ;-)

Warning: A page-turner and a terribly sexy dark hero. You wouldn’t resist this book!
OK, I haven't read this book yet, but I have heard enough raving from a fellow booklover (you know who you are! ;-P) that I have to pick this up.

The cover is pretty attractive as it featured the lower portion of a woman's face with shiny glossy lips. It would have been much better if we could see her face, but then it will spoil the whole imagination, wouldn't it? LOL.

Anyway, asides from the continuous ravings from a friend, this story seems interesting enough from what I read on the backcover of the book. I haven't read any books by Barbara Freethy yet, but I'm gonna give it a try!

Will probably post the review after reading it... :-)

Once in a while, I do read action packed novels and top on my list will be Matthew Reilly. He is actually an Australian writer and his debut novel, Ice Station has actually gained international recognition and was one of the bestselling list with the New York Times.

He first began writing Contest when he was 19, while he was then attending university and studying Law. Then after when he earned himself degrees in both Arts and Law, he tried to submit it to the publishers but were rejected. Later on, he decided to publish it himself and proceeded to sell to the bookstores in Sydney.

Later on, the book was noticed by an editor of Pan Macmillan Australia and she was intrigued with it. She then signed up with him and the rest, as they say, is history.

I enjoy reading every novels by Matthew; and needless to say, his determination and his enthusiasm in writing motivate me!

Next, I will be looking forward to the mass market release of 7 Deadly Wonders. This is one of my MOST WANTED books on my list! ;-)

In my previous blog, I mentioned I will probably read Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series, but somehow I was attracted by the bookcover in Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest PB, BAD Attitude. :-P I just like the nightcities scene and what's more, on the next flap is the pic of a musculine hunk. What more could a romance suspense reader ask?

I started the book last night and was immediately hooked by the first chapter. I have always enjoy reading military heroes stories, so perhaps that explains everything. In this book, JD Steele was your typical bad boy attitude. He was arrogant, pissed off with the world and didn't care two hoots how everyone thinks of him. I suppose that is how the military men are supposed to be, if you are to survive in the battlefields as well as in this dog-eat-dog world. Anyway, he made one foolish act that ended up in the military prison, but was seeked by a secret governmental agency B.A.D. (Bureau of American Defense) about taking on a secret assignment. There he met Sydney Westbrook, who was one of B.A.D. agents. I can't wait to read how their sparks fly and not to mention the action-packed scenes which I'm sure will make this book a page-turner.

No doubt Sherrily Kenyon is one of my favourite authors. She is one talented writer who can write 3 genres: romance suspense, paranormal romance suspence and historical romance. Phew!
Yes, asides from reading novels, I do read mangas too. Mangas are so much easier and faster to read. Here, we can visualize the characters through the artist's drawings, while in a novel you will have to visualize your hero/heroine in your own way. But hey, there are pros and cons between reading novels and mangas, so I'm not complaining! :-)

Some time ago, I picked up this manga because I was attracted by its cover. Now don't be fooled by the cover, for it is not what you are thinking! The reason I bought this is because I'm always attracted to strong heroines, and well I just can't help myself when this cover featured a pretty girl posed with weapons. :-P

Here is my own summary of the blurb:
Gong Er is in-charge of the counterterrorist team in the police force. But after her sister was killed by the terrorists’ team who called themselves ALICE, he left the force with dejection. Several years later, when he received news that ALICE is going to strike again in Japan, Gong Er returns to the team for the special assignment but was informed by the Head of the team that he was to partner with Xia, who was only a fourteen-year-old girl!

Xia was formerly a member of ALICE, and the reason she left them was because she wants freedom and wouldn’t want to be enslaved to them anymore. She believed she could help her ‘buddies’ who suffered the same fate by extending a helping hand to the police. But the thing is she didn’t realize she was being created and trained as a killing machine right from the start. Will she able to help her friends as well as herself?

A page-turner starting from Volume 1; and I can’t wait to read till the end.
Note: There are 4 volumes to-date and more to come...

All right, I have something to confess! I have about 50 books unread in my bookshelf and yet I can't stop myself from buying more books!!! Here are some of the latest books I bought which are added to the pile. :-D

As you can see, Kim Harrison's books are top on the list. Those are actually her Rachel Morgan series and I can't wait to indulge into them. Rachel is a sexy witch and bounty hunter, which reminds me a little of Anita Blake, the heroine in Laurell K Hamilton's series. I haven't read any of Harrison's books yet, but she will be the next on my reading list.

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Bad Attitude, well...what can I say? She rocks! LOL.

As for Cherry Adair, I picked up Edge of Danger because of the paranormal romance suspense genre. Previously, she wrote romance suspense so I'm going to give this book a try.

Bad Boys of Summer...{sigh}, I love reading a bad boy story, and needless to say, Lori Foster is another reason for me to pick up this book!

Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. {panting} :-P

OMG, this book was awesome! If you are into vamps, then this book is right for you! But be warned: Not for the faint hearted. Some graphic and gross scenes in there, but once you can get passed those, you will enjoy the story.

This is the debut novel by Jennifer Armintrout, and am sure not her last! She's a talented author who is able to create a vamp book so different from the other authors out there! Vamps books seem to be in the trend nowadays. Look at the big names like Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong and a few others. Thus it can be quite a competitive market, and I find there is something very refreshing about JA's style of writing.

Am glad to say I enjoyed this book immersely. Can't wait for its second book to be out next year! {seems to me like a long time!}
I have started reading this book two days ago and just couldn't put it down! Sherrilyn Kenyon has a way of writing dark heroes and awesome plots.

In this book, the hero - Wren Tigarian was a mixed blend of snow leopard and white tiger taken in human form. Due to this, he was often cast aside and frowned upon by others. He got to know the heroine, Marguerite one day when she and her friends had a drink at the pub, where he worked as a busboy. Marguerite was the daughter of a prominent US senator who hates her glittering socialite life. They felt they were alone and were quickly attracted to each other. But could a weretiger/leopard and a human be with each other in the end? Go check this out! :-)
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