Well, this is the book which prompts me to read Nora Roberts. As most of you know, NR is today's one of the top novelists and her books sell like hot cakes worldwide.

In River's End, when Olivia Tanner was a toddler, she witnessed something terrifying that changed her life forever. Her mother was brutally murdered while in the hands of Sam Tanner, whom was Olivia's father, held a bloodied scissors.

Frank Brady was a cop and was thrilled to put Sam into prison. His son, Noah Brady was only a kid at the time of the murder but he was aware and curious about Olivia. Later when he was a reporter for a newspapers, he approached Olivia to write about the case which happened years ago but despite the attractions between them, she could tell his motives.

Later in his life, Noah became a successful true-crime writer. So when Sam Tanner contacted him and wanted him to tell the whole story, Noah couldn't resist but the most terrifying was, Sam Tanner was out from prison and he wanted to see Olivia to end the episode that happened so long ago.

This is a classic romance suspense by Nora Roberts, and it has became one of my favourite keepers. Be sure to look out for the twist in this story.
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  1. Julia Says:

    Wasn't River End great?!?! I told you that you been reading the wrong books to start out with (hehehe). Am glad that I kept pushing (grin)

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