OK, I haven't read this book yet, but I have heard enough raving from a fellow booklover (you know who you are! ;-P) that I have to pick this up.

The cover is pretty attractive as it featured the lower portion of a woman's face with shiny glossy lips. It would have been much better if we could see her face, but then it will spoil the whole imagination, wouldn't it? LOL.

Anyway, asides from the continuous ravings from a friend, this story seems interesting enough from what I read on the backcover of the book. I haven't read any books by Barbara Freethy yet, but I'm gonna give it a try!

Will probably post the review after reading it... :-)
2 Responses
  1. Julia Says:

    LOL...I wonder who the raving friend you spoke about.....

    Personally I think that the cover is much better then other I have seen. But I hope you enjoy the book.


  2. Melody Says:

    Yes, the book cover is attractive. I'm not complaining though, LOL!

    I shall see how the story goes...thanks so much for raving, er, recommending! ;-P


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