Black Ice is definitely the Book of the Year for me in 2005. Thanks to Julia, through her recommendations and her continuous raving of this book, of course I have to pick this up! LOL!

And I was glad I read this book because this book is simply outstanding. Written by Anne Stuart, who is a RITA Award winner, she delivers a story that leaves you utterly breathless. There were a lot of tensions built in this story right from the beginning.

Chloe Underwood, 23-year-old, makes a living in Paris as a translator for children’s books. She accepted a last-minute translating job in the French countryside, thinking it was one of her other assignments but she was dead wrong for she didn’t realize she was dealing with a group of sadistic arms dealers. Then she met Bastian Touissant, who wasn’t sure if she was a spy or otherwise. Despite the circumstances, and his agenda, still he couldn’t resist saving Chloe’s life. There Chloe was, on the run with the most dangerous and attractive man she had ever met. What will be the outcome? I shall leave it to you to find out. ;-)

Warning: A page-turner and a terribly sexy dark hero. You wouldn’t resist this book!
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  1. Julia Says:

    First - Your welcome :) I was glad you decided to pick this book up. I remember raving it so much until am blue on the face...glad you didn't made me stay blue for long LOL.......

    I ditto everything you said.Bastian was sexy and very dark, dark hero. He is what made the book very interesting. he is keeper! It is page turner with lot of tension and great action. Read it, you won't regret it


  2. Melody Says:

    Hey, I would love to see a blue-faced Julia anytime! LOL. Anyway, thanks. :-)

    Now Anne Stuart is one of my favourites authors!


  3. Julia Says:

    HEY now! You want me to become a blue smufette? LOL....

    Anne Stuart have became one of my favorite authors too. And I hope you pick up on some of my OTHERS favorite authors that I have recommend to you...that you seem to be delaying {tapping foot}...why that? ummm? LOL

  4. Melody Says:

    I'm delaying because most of the authors you recommend write in series!!! LOL.


  5. Julia Says:

    ...but the series books are good! And they're all worth it! :)

    Do I need to take needle out? LOL!


  6. Melody Says:

    {shudders} You are so mean! LOL. Right, enough talk about needles and pins, you are scaring people off!


  7. Julia Says:

    LOL Melody - that only to keep you moving and read the books faster!

    All kidding aside - thank goodness you and I have some authors favorite in common


  8. Melody Says:

    YEAH! ;-)


  9. Sounds exiting, I have to read it!

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