OMG, this book was awesome! If you are into vamps, then this book is right for you! But be warned: Not for the faint hearted. Some graphic and gross scenes in there, but once you can get passed those, you will enjoy the story.

This is the debut novel by Jennifer Armintrout, and am sure not her last! She's a talented author who is able to create a vamp book so different from the other authors out there! Vamps books seem to be in the trend nowadays. Look at the big names like Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong and a few others. Thus it can be quite a competitive market, and I find there is something very refreshing about JA's style of writing.

Am glad to say I enjoyed this book immersely. Can't wait for its second book to be out next year! {seems to me like a long time!}
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