Review Policy:

What I read: Almost any genres

What I don't read: Non-fictions, Science-fictions, Memoirs, Poetry, Erotica, E-books

I am not a professional reviewer, but I love books, reading and blogging about my finds etc.

I always try my best to post a review after I have finished reading a book. I love receiving ARCs, but I cannot guarantee I will read it immediately after receiving it.

I am a working mom and have two lovely daughters and a loving husband. Besides reading, I also love travelling and would like to visit the U.S. and Europe one day!

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! I hope you will visit often!

You may contact me at:

Rating System:

1 - Don't waste your time

2 - A disappointing read

3 - Average read

4 - Great read!

5 - Go get this book, fast!
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