About Me | I started reading fervently when I was nine years old. Nancy Drew is the first book I read and the series remains as a favourite to date. My reading horizons expanded when I reached Secondary School, considering the vast choices the school library had and the kind of exhilaration I'd had is hard to describe when I became the school librarian when I was fifteen. I started blogging in 2006; at that time it started as a channel to record my thoughts about the books I read. Well that purpose still remain unchanged but what makes this blog grows is the number of readers and bookbloggers friends I have "met" around the world. Their comments, their recommendations and most of all, their friendship are the elements that I strive to make this blog better. 

Books | Generally I read most genres except science fiction (well, I suppose it has to depend on the story) and erotica. Nonfiction and poetry are my rare reads but I don't dismiss them. 

Rating System:

1 - Don't waste your time!

2 - A disappointing read.

3 - Average read.

4 - Great read!

5 - Go get this book, fast!!
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