I have never read anything by Shiloh Walker, but this book has definitely caught my attention! The moment I set my eyes on the cover, I just knew this will be one book I wouldn’t miss - since I’m a fan of paranormal romance suspense.

In Hunting the Hunter, the hero in this story, bounty hunter Kane Winter witnesses the murder of his partner, Duke during a drug deal confrontation that went all wrong. The last thing he remembers is a beautiful mysterious woman whom he believes she is the murderess, and he intends to hunt her down until he catches a hold of her. Kendall, a vampire and a Hunter who hunts evil counterparts is intrigued of the mortal warrior when she realized she is his latest “quarry”, but she is not going to let any emotion overcomes her judgment, for she seldom failed with her assignments.

Currently I’m into Chapter 3 and can’t wait to read till the end.
So many books, so little time!!!
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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Your blog looks good girl . . . . wish I read more, lol!!!

    Maybe when I finally enjoy reading . . . . . I will pick some books off your list :)!!!

  2. Melody Says:

    Thanks, girl! I wish you will read more...when you told me you were hooked with those 3 books, I was so excited. LOL! See ya around... :-)


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