Starring: Park Yoo Chun, Yoon Eun Hye, Yoo Seung Ho, Jang Mi In Nae, Yeo Jin Goo, Kim So Hyun
Language: Korean (with Chinese subtitles)

First of all, I'd like to apologise to all my readers and friends for not posting a book review lately. As you can tell, I've been watching too many Korean dramas and though I still read, my progress is slow. I'm currently reading Keigo Higashino's Salvation of a Saint; he is the author of the phenomenon The Devotion of Suspect X and I really enjoyed that book. I can't wait to find out what is in store for Salvation of a Saint.

Anyways, back to this Korean drama I Miss You. This is a highly emotional drama about the love and life journey between a couple, Soo Yeon and Jung Woo. 15-year-old Soo Yeon often gets bullied in school because everyone thinks her father was a murderer. Everyone has been avoiding her like a plague, except Jung Woo who thinks she is special after she has shared her umbrella with him on a rainy day. 

Jung Woo comes from a wealthy family and he doesn't really get along well with his father. All his father thinks about is money and how to make more of them; and he has committed a few bad deeds that made him an enemy to a few people. Jung Woo became the target and is kidnapped one day, Soo Yeon saw what happened and wanted to help him, but ended up being a victim herself. Eventually, Jung Woo managed to escape but not Soo Yeon. This tragic incident has forced them apart and fourteen years passed then. 

Jung Woo is now a homicide detective and that kidnapping incident which happened so many years ago still remains in his mind but what most matters is, he is still in love with Soo Yeon and he is hoping to find her one day. Soo Yeon, on the other end, is a fashion designer and she has found her new love with a charismatic fund manager, Hyung Joon. Although Soo Yeon appears to be happy with her life, but deep in her heart she is bleeding in pain for the suffering she had endured and Jung Woo's betrayal for leaving her. Alas, fate decreed that they would meet again and this time around, Jung Woo vows to protect Soo Yeon no matter the circumstances after knowing that Hyung Joon would take revenge due to his past relationship with his family. 

Well the plot may sound old and cliché to some, but what I liked about this drama is the characterisations and the intense feeling of love between Jung Woo and Soo Yeon, no matter if they are teenagers or adults. I have to say the two actors and two actresses in portraying the teen-aged and adult Jung Woo and Soo Yeon had all done a great job, because they made me believe that their love is inseparable and oh so moving. The dialogues, and the little movements they shared especially just captured that precious feeling and you couldn't help but to be entranced by their emotions too. These days it is hard to find such love like Jung Woo and Soo Yeon and that is why I find this drama especially romantic. I have to confess I like Park Yoo Chun (the adult Jung Woo) after watching a few other dramas like Rooftop Prince, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (his debut) and Miss Ripley, which I reviewed on 5th February. He simply has the charisma no matter if he is a lovestruck hotelier in Miss Ripley, the shy and quiet student in Sungkyunkwan Scandal or the devoted and determined detective in his latest I Miss You. I really look forward to his upcoming dramas, and I hope the wait won't be too long.     

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  1. The Bookworm Says:

    Sounds like you are enjoying these Korean dramas Mel, they look good to me!

  2. filebookph Says:

    Nice selection of k-dramas. I already watched I miss You. But I will certainly check out the rest.

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